Progressive Faith vs Traditional Teachings: Should We Just Go Back To The Drawing Board?

It’s hard to believe, and heartbreaking that it’s true, that there is still such a thing as racism.

I can’t believe that in 2018 that word is still in our vocabularies, you would think that it would be long gone by now. Especially since we consider ourselves a progressive society and all.

Fact is, hatred still runs rampant through our cities, towns, cultures and our hearts. And it comes from all sides too! I don’t care what the evening news tells you, it isn’t just one group of people perpetuating hate, it’s everyone.

In a world that’s denied God, I get it. Without God, what guides your moral compass? Who do you have to answer to? Without the teachings of Jesus, how can a person know that harbouring all that hatred hurts not just the object of your hate, but the hater himself?

In a world without God, the hatred doesn’t surprise me. The surprising part is that the part of the world that doesn’t reject God also has a hand in hatred.

Some of what the sceptics say about us is true, in some cases we are exclusive. In some cases you will never see anyone but white people in church. The opposite is also true.

Truth is we like our Christianity the way it is, we like to see the same people when we go to church, we like to sing the same songs and sit through comfortable teachings of love and heaven. We use our Christian lingo intentionally excluding those who don’t know what we’re talking about.

Sure, it can be pushed too far in the other direction and before you know it all we care about are earthly matters and soon Jesus isn’t even a part of our faith anymore. But for the most part people don’t like or want there to be any change to Sunday mornings. We tell ourselves that we aren’t racist or bigoted in any way but would happen if something unexpected happened and worship didn’t sound the same, or the message wasn’t all peace and joy, or the congregation looked a little darker than before? We tell ourselves that we’d be okay, but would we?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a conservative Christian through and through. I believe what the Bible says about sin. I believe what it says about marriage. I believe what it says regardless of how unpopular that makes me. I don’t think we should give up our beliefs because the culture threatens us, or because we fear we’ll become irrelevant. But I do think that some of what we believe isn’t biblical, it’s traditional. Some of what we’ve grown accustomed to is comfortable but not necessarily gospel centered. Parts of our daily life are chocked up to living in North America but aren’t actually living out the great commission.

Some want to push the gospel into saying things it never said, others want to hold it back from saying what it did say.

I don’t really know where this came from, I had a thought and it snowballed from there. Just my ramblings of the day I guess.

Let me know what you think.

Are we being way too progressive?

Are we being way too traditional?

If you were in a church completely different from your own, would you still be worshipping the same God?

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