Despite Reports From Mainstream Media, Being a Conservative Does NOT Mean You’re a Bigot.

Okay, I can’t take it anymore, I am tired of our media implying…no, inferring that if you are a conservative then you must be a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, misogynistic bigoted human being filled with hate. If you’re a conservative you must be coming from a white privilege, self centered point of view and that you should apologize for what white men did generations ago to people you never met and for what other more powerful white men did to women you never knew.

If you’re a conservative woman you are rejected by feminists who say they’re about the voices of women. Pro life men are told that because they are men they can’t talk about abortion but pro life women are silenced also, why? Because they don’t have the right politics.

Conservative men and women are branded as fascists, accused of trying to shut down free speech by the very people trying to shut us up and keep us from talking and exercising our freedom of religion, which by the way falls into the category of free speech.

Conservative TV show Last Man Standing is shut down because of Tim Allen’s character who happens to be a republican, I don’t care what ABC says, that is why they shut it down. A network that’s in business to make money would never shut down it’s most popular, most lucrative comedy. That’s what it was folks, their number one comedy! ABC shut them down because they care more about politics than the freedom of speech for those with whom they oppose. Last Man Standing was the only show on TV that could’ve been described as conservative, even though most of the characters on the show were overtly liberal.

Then came Roseanne’s comeback. Her premiere broke records when she came out as a Trump supporter. Ratings started to slip when the conservative talk toned down and then ABC said the show would move away from politics but Roseanne tweeted that wasn’t going to happen.

Other shows repeatedly spew liberal rhetoric, Dawson on Chicago Fire said “my body, my choice” when she decided for both her and her husband that she wanted to get pregnant despite doctors recommendations. Apart from Seal Team, Muslims are portrayed as victims rather than the aggressors in shows that deal with terrorism. Dr Manning on Chicago Med (a woman) treats the man who loves her like garbage because in her words she “don’t need no man”. Middle aged white men are over and over again portrayed as idiots, as overweight lazy men who only like to drink beer and ogle women. They’re shown as being dumb and ignorant. People complained about The Simpsons’ Apu because they stereotyped him, no complaints about how they stereotype cops, preachers, Christians, men, women, kids, rich people, literally every single character on the show is a walking stereotype of his or her respective background.

I am a conservative Christian. I, like most conservative Christians are not hateful bigots. We disagree with many of the people who accuse us of those things, we disagree with religions that deny Jesus, we disagree with people who reject Jesus’ teaching, we disagree with the people who disagree with us. Why are we the enemy for disagreeing?

I am concerned about the direction of our civilization, capitalism created this world where we are free to become whomever we choose, free to grow as big as we can dream, free to believe and free to live our lives as we see fit. Our free capitalist society is not the enemy the media and liberal governments make it out to be, it’s the one thing that makes us different from other countries. I mean just take a look at the worlds’ governments and tell me what system they use, I can tell you the unsuccessful ones aren’t capitalist.

There are stereotypes that can be used to describe Christianity, like the way Ned Flanders talks or how we dress up and go to church on Sunday but drink on Saturday night or that some of us send our kids to Christian school and/or homeschool or having babies at home or choosing not vaccinate or refusing to work on Sunday, sometimes we talk too much about when Jesus will come back and what the Bible says about sinners. These stereotypes would not only be fair, but accurate. Today though, the world is trying to change how we are stereotyped, they would rather we be seen as all the things I listed at the start of this blog. They would rather see us as the enemy.

Which shouldn’t surprise us, Jesus told us that we would be seen this way and that we should keep on keepin’ on anyway.

We Christians are a part of this country too! And we don’t love it any less than anyone else. Nobody can deny that we helped make it what it is, both the good parts and the bad. It isn’t perfect, but from our point of view it’s pretty darn good. We aren’t leaving and we aren’t shutting up, about Jesus or our politics. I know, there are some Christians who think we should stay out of the latter and focus on the former and that’s up to them, I don’t respect them any less, but if you’re like me, Jesus as Lord of my life means I have to speak up about politics because a government that grows closer and closer to tyranny stands in the way of my freedom to talk about Jesus. Jesus influences my politics, not the other way around.

Here in Ontario, we are heading into an election next week. We’ve had more than a decade of liberal rule where we’ve gotten so close to socialism it’s scary. The conservatives have been labeled as the enemy, again, and the polls suggest the NDP may form government next week. This cannot happen, if the liberals weren’t far left enough, the NDP will put us into a full on tailspin into socialism that’ll destroy what’s left of Ontario. I am not saying Doug Ford has all the answers or that you should vote for him as the lesser of all the evils, remember here in Ontario you don’t vote for the leader of a party you vote for your local MPP. doing so ensures your voice is heard when legislation is debated.

Please, people, voting conservative doesn’t mean you’re voting for the alt right like the media would have you believe. Our PC party leans farther left that I want them to, and I hesitate to use the cliche that it’s the lesser of all the evils but hey, when the shoe fits. The pendulum needs to swing back the other way, at least a little.

Don’t know what I expected to write when I started typing but this is what came out.

Have a great day friends.

Progressive Faith vs Traditional Teachings: Should We Just Go Back To The Drawing Board?

It’s hard to believe, and heartbreaking that it’s true, that there is still such a thing as racism.

I can’t believe that in 2018 that word is still in our vocabularies, you would think that it would be long gone by now. Especially since we consider ourselves a progressive society and all.

Fact is, hatred still runs rampant through our cities, towns, cultures and our hearts. And it comes from all sides too! I don’t care what the evening news tells you, it isn’t just one group of people perpetuating hate, it’s everyone.

In a world that’s denied God, I get it. Without God, what guides your moral compass? Who do you have to answer to? Without the teachings of Jesus, how can a person know that harbouring all that hatred hurts not just the object of your hate, but the hater himself?

In a world without God, the hatred doesn’t surprise me. The surprising part is that the part of the world that doesn’t reject God also has a hand in hatred.

Some of what the sceptics say about us is true, in some cases we are exclusive. In some cases you will never see anyone but white people in church. The opposite is also true.

Truth is we like our Christianity the way it is, we like to see the same people when we go to church, we like to sing the same songs and sit through comfortable teachings of love and heaven. We use our Christian lingo intentionally excluding those who don’t know what we’re talking about.

Sure, it can be pushed too far in the other direction and before you know it all we care about are earthly matters and soon Jesus isn’t even a part of our faith anymore. But for the most part people don’t like or want there to be any change to Sunday mornings. We tell ourselves that we aren’t racist or bigoted in any way but would happen if something unexpected happened and worship didn’t sound the same, or the message wasn’t all peace and joy, or the congregation looked a little darker than before? We tell ourselves that we’d be okay, but would we?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a conservative Christian through and through. I believe what the Bible says about sin. I believe what it says about marriage. I believe what it says regardless of how unpopular that makes me. I don’t think we should give up our beliefs because the culture threatens us, or because we fear we’ll become irrelevant. But I do think that some of what we believe isn’t biblical, it’s traditional. Some of what we’ve grown accustomed to is comfortable but not necessarily gospel centered. Parts of our daily life are chocked up to living in North America but aren’t actually living out the great commission.

Some want to push the gospel into saying things it never said, others want to hold it back from saying what it did say.

I don’t really know where this came from, I had a thought and it snowballed from there. Just my ramblings of the day I guess.

Let me know what you think.

Are we being way too progressive?

Are we being way too traditional?

If you were in a church completely different from your own, would you still be worshipping the same God?

How 24 Hours can Completely Change Your Perspective. From Sunday School to Children’s Hospital.

I’m humbled today after returning from the children’s hospital, seeing how many innocent aged people suffer from life threatening diseases is heartbreaking to say the least, gut-wrenchingly painful to say a bit more.

It’s hard enough answering the question of why God allows suffering, ask why He allows kids to suffer…well, I don’t know if the best theological seminary students could muddle their way through it, let alone the seasoned and experienced pastors who’ve seen it all.

Still, it’s what goes through my mind as I pass bed after bed surrounded by the worried parents of the children laying in them. Why God, why? Why must a child barely old enough to walk endure the pain as cancer ravages her body? What purpose does it serve a toddler to be forced to go under the knife to fix a heart broken since before birth?

My experience today was quite different from the one I had yesterday morning in church. You see, all I had to do was get through two worship songs and communion and then my boys would be sent off to Sunday school where they would be free to terrorize those wonderfully patient volunteers who give away their peace for mine, bless their hearts. Alas, I couldn’t do it. I should say my boys couldn’t do it. Crawling under and on the pew, playing tug of war with the offering, fighting over a scrap piece of paper that neither wanted but both had to have. During communion and the silent prayer that is supposed to precede it they were actually hitting each other and making such a ruckus that I almost, almost picked them both up and left. Just before that was about to happen the announcement finally came for the kids to be released at which point I was choking back tears and clinging to whatever dignity I had left.

Fast forward 24 hours and all I want to do is shower them in kisses, tell them that I love them. In church, the place where my cup is supposed to be filled, where peace reigns, where all I’m supposed to want to do is praise and worship the God that blessed me with those kids, in church all I could do was regret showing up that day.

Funny how perspectives change. After spending a day amongst sick kids the fact that my boys fight like cats and dogs and yet for some reason still hate the idea of being separated doesn’t bother me so much, I’m sure it will again in a few days but today it’s nothing short of endearing. Seeing how my older son actually looks up to his little brother brings a smile to my face and tears back to my eyes, this time they’re the joy kind.

I’m glad God is a Father that sees the past, present and future all at once. I’m glad He sees me when I’m being disobedient and when I’m being slightly better than disobedient. Our God is bigger than our problems and yet He cares about each and every little issue we deal with, and He cares so much for those kids suffering in the hospital.

I know it seems unfair sometimes, unjust always and yet my head tells my heart that God knows what’s going on and He isn’t unaware and He is still sovereign.

No explanation that I can give for childhood sickness and suffering can even begin to dull the pain endured by the kids or the parents that love them. I don’t know why it happens, I do know that God didn’t want it to happen, it was never His plan to watch any of His kids suffer let alone the most vulnerable and innocent ones. I do know that through that suffering comes some of the most wonderful things, the most amazingly compassionate people, the most generous givers, and some of the deepest connections you can make with another human being. Those things, those good things that happen during the bad things, are from God.

So, when I’m sitting in church feeling sorry for myself and the embarrassment my kids are causing me, God is still doing His thing and I just need to trust Him. He is putting people in my life who’ll notice where my struggles are and pray for me and my family (you know who you are) and I am so thankful for them and cannot imagine being on this journey without them. God has given me a partner to do this parenting thing with that both lifts me up and grounds me at the same time, she is beautiful and strong and smart and determined! God is good! Even when this world and it’s brokenness, is not.