Trust God..or Trust Yourself?

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.
Judges 17:6

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in ancient Israel and we have no king, everyone does what they think is right.

We’re told today that we must have the virtue of tolerance and not honesty. We must accept everyone the way they say they are and ignore our own desires to live a godly life.

It’s all about peace, love and harmony (like we’re in the sixties again) but have you noticed how all that peace, love and harmony disappears when something happens they don’t like?

I know use highway driving analogies a lot but hey when the shoe fits, it’s like driving down the highway – everyone does what suits them. Outside the car the driver might be a nice guy, inside the car he becomes selfish, he doesn’t care what the speed limit is, he passes everyone and honks at those he can’t. Where are all his virtues now?

Thankfully our God is unchanging. If He said it was wrong to Adam and Eve, it’s still wrong today.

Doing what we think is right is a path to be avoided at all costs. Our way of thinking can be manipulated, we can be persuaded, we are not unchanging. Doing what we think is right leads to modern day Sodom and Gommorah.

I would venture as far as to say that we shouldn’t trust our own intuition without seeking wise counsel from the people in our lives that know us best. They can help discern between your will and God’s. They can speak truth (if you let them) into your life and tell you where you’re wrong. Hopefully you have someone like that, I do, and it’s an amazing thing.

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to be a rant, just wanted to say that we should ask God before we do things, especially if we aren’t already sure that it’s within His will.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

Why Joining a Church is More Important Than Ever

All the nations may walk in the name of their gods, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever.
Micah 4:5

Before I belonged to a church I thought that that I didn’t need to, I bought into the idea that organized religion was something people used to control other people. And certainly that is true in some cases, but definitely not all.

Being a Christian isn’t being religious. I know that’s what non believers want to say but Christianity is more..way more about a relationship than it is about doing religious things. Christianity is about what has been done for us, not what we do. It’s about God’s grace for a people that don’t deserve it.

This is why it’s so important to join a church, a Bible teaching, Bible believing, Jesus centered church that doesn’t care about what the world says about it and doesn’t care about doing religious things at the right time and the right place. You’ll know it’s a good church when they won’t shut up about Jesus, the Bible….and they actually have good coffee, and in my church, espresso! Man! That stuff is good!

Sorry, I got off topic there. It’s important to join a church because if you call yourself a Christian and you don’t like the direction our world is heading, you need people in your life who get what you believe and why you believe it. Church is way more than just a building, in fact the Bible calls Jesus’s followers “the church”. Church is not a place you go, it’s a home.

Our world and our culture is becoming more and more hostile towards Christians, yes even in North America. I mean California might just be making a law banning the Bible! In Canada, Justin Trudeau and the liberal party have cut off funding of the summer jobs grant to any organization who doesn’t fully agree with his politics. (Meaning any Bible believing church will not get to hire students for the summer under the program)

Our faith is increasingly under attack. That’s why we need to band together, we need to be on the same page, we need each other.

All the nations may walk in the name of their gods…there’s a long list of things that would qualify what their gods are, I could name them but I think if you observe what’s important to the masses, you’ll see for yourself.

But we will walk in the name of the LORD…we, need to do it together. Or else the world will divide us, conquer us and laugh when they’re done. Together though, they don’t stand a chance.