Good Friday is Over. But Resurrection Day Has Not Yet Come.

The day after Good Friday is like the day after the funeral of a loved one, actually it’s exactly like that! Jesus dies, paying for our sins and even though we know He rises again I think we should live in this day for the whole day because doing so allows us to remember what happened on Friday. I think we should refrain from fast forwarding to Sunday even though Sunday feels better, Sunday is victorious, Sunday is happy, Sunday is the day we prefer this time of year. Saturday is the sad day after He dies and before He rises, Saturday is the day where we remember that it was our sin that put Him there, Saturday is the day we reflect on the price He paid, Saturday is the day when the disciples gathered not knowing what to do next.

Sunday will come and we can and should take that day to celebrate, but while we are in Saturday let’s gather and reflect and remember how awful Friday was for Jesus and why we now call it Good Friday.

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