If We Truly Believe… Shouldn’t Our Lives Show It?

My son likes watching YouTube videos of people reacting to long anticipated movies as they watch it for the first time. For example, this video he was watching yesterday was three people sitting on a couch, the camera is facing them and then in a smaller window you can see the movie. So as the movie plays you can see the movie but also how the people react to what’s happening. There’s also commentary from the watchers and what they think should happen and what not.

I think it’s odd but my seven year old enjoys it and it’s not harmful so I let it be, and maybe he enjoys it because the watchers are so excited to watch the movie and they’re so eager to share their reactions with the rest of the world that they decide to record and put it on the internet.

Fast forward to today at lunch as I’m reading Acts chapter 3 where Peter and John come across the lame man at the Beautiful Gate and heal him in Jesus’ name. My reaction to that story is that it is truly amazing! How awesome is our God that He would heal someone using His followers?!

Then I got to thinking that we don’t react to our faith in a way that is proportional to our God. What I mean is, if we truly believe in what we say we believe, then why aren’t we doing what the lame man did after he was healed? He literally jumped for joy, his reaction to what Jesus did could not be contained! Our reaction should also be so joyous, but for most of us, including me, it’s not.

A few days ago I read an article written by someone who was obviously not a Christian on the topic of abortion and the writer questioned our beliefs saying that if we truly believed then why aren’t we raising a bigger stink when it comes to things like abortion. I agree, why aren’t we? There’s a small outrage on social media, you might see some protests littered across the country, but by and large we do nothing, we let it slide saying it’s out of our hands and then almost smile when we say that God will deal with them one day. The big issues are rarely discussed in our churches for fear of backlash and among Christian circles things like abortion are mostly left alone.

So I gotta wonder, are we truly and totally saved or are we still totally depraved? Because I don’t think we can be both. If we are truly saved then why aren’t we acting like it? We should be taking to the streets with the message of salvation in the same way Peter and John did after Jesus went to be His Father. They faced far more persecution than we ever will, they were literally looking death in the face but it didn’t matter because they truly believed in the message they were sending.

There are things that happen in our world that should get a reaction, and trust me I know the world isn’t going to like it but they aren’t going to stand up for life so we should. They aren’t going to stand up and demand that Jesus’ voice be heard, they’re far more likely to shut our mouths, but the good news is too good to be silenced. If we actually, really, wholeheartedly believe that Jesus rose from the dead, our lives should reflect that, our reaction to that victory should be so over the top that we could make videos of it and post them on YouTube and people would want to watch them just because they heard someone else talking about it.

I was having a conversation the other day with my brother in law about how overwhelming it is to know that Jesus knows our name, He cares about us, our lives, the things we care about, He even knows when a hair falls from our heads. That is a thought that should overwhelm us to the point of getting down on our knees and crying out to Him in Thanksgiving! He loves us all so much that His reaction to the thought of us paying for our sins was to stretch out His arms and say “I will pay it for you”