Quality of Life

Quality of Life

One of the biggest lies the culture tells us, and one that we Christians too often believe is that we must have a certain quality to our life to make it worth living. 

We think that if we achieve enough in our professional lives we’ll be able to live a certain life of quality. If we are able to get that person – that guy or girl we think we must be with then we’ll be happy. If we can get that car, house, TV, or phone we’ll have the thing that makes us cool. 

We’re told that the level of quality in our lives is what we live for. But we’re also told that if we don’t reach that level, our life isn’t worth living. Think about it, it’s one of the biggest reasons women give for terminating a pregnancy, the baby won’t have a good life. So they have an abortion. The assisted suicide movement uses the same one, patients who will eventually die anyway, and aren’t living a good life, they’re suffering. It’s better that they just die now so we can preserve their quality of life. 

Define for me what quality means. What gives your life value? What do you live for? What would make life not worth living?

I submit to you that it isn’t the quality of life (at least as quality is defined by the world) that determines the value of life. Everyone has value, no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Jesus did not die on a cross bearing the sins of those who live a life of quality, He died for every single person. I’m not trying to minimize the sufferings of the sick and dying, or the tribulations of a woman contemplating abortion. I’m here to tell you that even living a life of less ‘quality’ than others is filled with intrinsic value bestowed upon you by Jesus. 

Don’t let the world define what qualifies as value, take the value that Jesus placed on your life, know that your life has value, even if the world says it doesn’t. 

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