The God Box

Looking at our current state of evangelism today would you be able to say that it’s effective? Here’s what I mean, as Christians we go around talking about sin and sinners more than we talk about Jesus and forgiveness of the sin and the sinner. 

I call it “The God Box” because in many ways we’ve stuffed God into a box and in order for us to introduce someone to God we make them fit into that box. But they can’t just jump right in, we make them complete a checklist of what we think makes a good Christian and if they don’t check off each item, no entry to The God Box for them. 

Think about it, have you ever walked up to that person you know who’s into drugs and tell them that Jesus can forgive you, Jesus can redeem you and Jesus can transform you? Instead we’re more likely to condemn that addict to hell because he won’t listen to our advice to go clean himself up and then go to church. 

Do you try to explain away our God to people who ask questions designed to take you off course? I do. I’ve had people mockingly ask a question only to laugh at my answer. I realize later that they already have the answer they want to that question, they’re not interested in the truth. 

There are thousands of books, podcasts, videos and CD’s out there that will tell you how to evangelize effectively, some of them are helpful, useful even, I know I’ve read some of them. But what would happen if we took the step by step out of it? If we decided to get to know a person all the while praying for them and being there? What if we decided to be like Jesus for people instead of pretending we have the power to condemn? 

Maybe if instead of making the addict fit into a box and instead of pretending that we know it all, we just got to know people, know their struggles, be there for them, be Jesus to them they would see Him through us and if the Holy Spirit is willing, they too would know the God that we know. 

Too often I see the Facebook evangelist (I’m not making fun, I’m a Facebook evangelist too) preach that hell is hot and that a lot of people are going there, instead of saying “Jesus offers forgiveness, to everyone! Including those who don’t fit into our God box. 

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