The Catch

The Catch

Imagine if you could watch your life unfold from above, how cool would that be? What if you could see your life as it happens, after it happened and before it happened? God can! He knows what’s coming down the pike for you, He knows what happened and what’s going to happen. 

We often think that God sees us in our present self the way we see it and that’s it, but He sees so much more. We look at the happenings in our life and question why God would allow it. God saw these very same happenings years before we even thought about them and He was preparing us for them. 

Like a perfectly choreographed symphony, with hundreds of different elements at play God saw your hardest moment and planned for it long before it came. Think of it like those dance routines you see on talent shows, a dozen dancers moving around the stage in what seems like random movements are all planning their big finale when one of them will be thrown into the air only to be caught by his friends on the other side of the stage and placed safely on his own two feet. Long before that finale dancers are taking careful steps to get into position for the big moment when they need to catch their friend. 

God choreographed your life, from your first steps to the current struggles and all the way to your big finale when He hopes you’ll let Him catch you, if you haven’t already. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have planning my life than God. He sees our past, present and future all at the same time, He knows you right down to how many hairs are on your head! Right now may be a hard time for you, but God is there planning and moving things around so that He can catch you should you choose to trust Him. 

Maybe you’re already someone who trusts Him but are going through a tough time and you’re wondering where He is, why hasn’t He stopped it, why didn’t He prevent it? This moment, this hard time that’s got you down, God saw it the day you were born and has been carefully planning it ever since, He knew that He had to be there in a specific place to catch you, the only thing He didn’t plan was what choice you’d make, He left that up to you. 

Let God catch you today, He is there ready and waiting. 

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