Think You Know It All? If So, Then This One’s For You. 

With the advent of social media came the opening of Pandora’s box when it comes to opinions. I’m thinking that Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know the monster he created would take on a life of it’s own. Best laid plans, as it were, was that Facebook would be a virtual meeting place for friends and family to come together and share the goings on of life. And at first that’s what it was, for many it still is. But for some, myself included Facebook is being used as a license to air unsolicited opinions and advice to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. 

Yes, even without Facebook we all know a Mr or Mrs know-it-all that insists on throwing in their two cents on every topic imaginable. You can’t have a relaxing anything with these people around because let’s face it, when you know someone who knows everything they make sure everyone knows it. Facebook has given these people a radioactive injection of superhero movie proportions that would make spiderman look more like the tiny spider in Charlotte’s Web. 

This is what advertisers on social media want, get a story so opinion provoking that it goes viral. Make it trend on Twitter and you’ll find millions of comments, opinions, debates, debates within debates and of course what it’s all about…Money.

So what is a guy or gal to do with all of it? We can’t exactly delete Facebook and block Twitter out of our lives, most of us have family in faraway places that we need to stay in touch with. To be honest most of us like a good debate now and then, again I’m including myself in that statement. With the internet came social media, but it also brought us information like never before. Put those two together and we have the perfect virtual storm to go head to head with those whom we oppose. 

So I ask, what is a CHRISTIAN guy or gal to do with it? What everyone else does with it is up to them. We won’t like much of it in the same way we don’t like much of what happens in the real world, it’s what we do and how we react to the information thrown in our faces that matters. Moreover, it’s how we treat each other in the virtual world that should make people look at us and say “wow”, our interactions with each other should be so filled with love that people literally stop what they’re doing and ask “what’s up with them?”

Sadly, this isn’t the case. We take to our keyboards and our smartphones, access our accounts and we let the world have it, all of it. We let them know what we think and how we feel and we judge, condemn and sentence millions to brimstone and fire like it’s our right to do so. Not to mention the ugly attacks we inflict on our brothers and sisters in Christ. We debate in some of the ugliest fashion whether or not alcohol has a place in a Christian home, we tell the world that we spank our kids and the Bible defends it, we verbally assault each other when it comes to immunizations and vaccines. I’ve seen Christians tell other Christians that the version of the Bible they’re choosing to read is the Devil’s word and not God’s. I’ve perused the comments on posts about abortion and couldn’t believe what I saw, some actually wished that others were aborted! We post and debate the end of the world as if we actually know what we’re talking about. We’re so self centered that we read Daniel and Revelation like it’s us it’s talking about. And I’m still talking about Christians here.

We’re brothers and sisters in Christ and yet we fight like the brothers and sisters from the broken homes we condemn. I’m all for talking about things, in fact I have a Facebook group that I admin where we do just that, we differ in opinions sometimes but my rule is “Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.” I took it right from the Bible (Colossians 4:6). 

It breaks my heart and I know that it breaks the heart of our Father God as well. The Bible says we should be like-minded (Phillipians 2:2) agreeing with each other whole heartedly. That doesn’t mean we have to agree on whether or not it’s ok to bake cookies on the Sabbath or if we should have fellowship with members of a church not our own. It means be like-minded in that God is the creator of all things, Jesus is His Son and He died for us. Jesus rose on the third day once and for all defeating death and paving our way into Heaven if we just accept Him. 

Be like-minded in that we do everything possible to avoid causing a brother or sister to stumble (Romans 14:13). That means if a friend had a drinking problem you don’t drink in front of him, not because you believe it to be sinful but because it was a stumbling block for him. It means that if your sister thinks eating pork is wrong then you don’t fight her on it, it’s not nearly as important as the fact that Jesus is Lord, if you both believe that then pork is not a big deal. 

In my life thus far I have been a member at two churches, naturally this causes people to wonder what I thought was wrong with the first one that caused me to leave. My answer is this, nothing. I fell away from the church, I got lazy, I was the one who rejected God. And believe it or not, God had a purpose for that too. In between my first church and the one I go to now God was shaping me, teaching me, baptizing me in fire if you will. It was when I least expected it that God woke me from my self inflicted rebellion. It took some time but He led me straight to the church I currently call home.

In my culture church hopping is a big no-no, and to a certain degree I agree, but if God wants to use me in a certain place then that’s where I’m going. The reason I bring up my church is because it was in this church that I learned that Christians can have varying opinions on many things (including church hopping), both Biblical and secular, and it’s not a sin, it isn’t wrong. It’s what my pastor calls disputable matters. Which of course implies that some things are indisputable, some things are not up for debate, and that’s the core beliefs of any Christian Church, which this popular song by the NewsBoys said ever so clearly – we believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Holy Spirit…

What I’m trying to say is don’t get caught up in the little things that don’t matter, if your church uses instruments and a band to do worship and your friend’s church uses a choir, neither one is wrong. If one church does communion this way and another does it differently, that’s okay. And before you go running around shouting out laws from Leviticus be sure that you’re free and clear from being condemned by the very words you use to condemn. 

That is all, have a great rest of your day and thanks so much for reading! If this resonates with you feel free to share. Buh bye. 

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