What is SO Amazing about God’s Grace?

What is so Amazing about God’s Grace? 

We love this song don’t we? It’s on our playlists and it always finds its way into church functions, as it should. Amazing grace is an… amazing song. 

We often overlook why God’s grace is so amazing in the first place. Yeah, we know that Jesus died for us thereby saving us from an eternity without Him. We know that He lived a perfect life and after dying on a cross rose again and ascended into heaven. All of which is amazing. 

But. We Christians have been trying to limit His grace and at times we don’t even know we’re doing it. As we go about our day to day lives we subconsciously divide people in our minds, those we deem worthy of grace and those who we think aren’t worthy.

We like the idea of the lost finding Jesus and showing up in church one day all cleaned up. But what if they show up still wearing the dirty laundry, so to speak. What if they show up and you know where they were last night? You see we love God’s grace because we’ve already got it, but when it comes to certain others our grace runs dry and we even get in the way of God’s grace sometimes. In other words, if we don’t show grace, neither should God. That’s a problem. 

Thankfully, God doesn’t wait for our approval on whether or not a person deserves grace. His grace knows no bounds and if we really think about it, His grace extends into areas that if we’re honest we would admit make us uncomfortable. 

His amazing grace can reach into the darkest corner of the strip club, the back room of the massage parlor, the hidden room behind the shady bar. His grace reaches into city street corners under burnt out street lights, under bridges where homeless addicts slumber. 

God and His grace go even farther: the bad side of town where drugs are sold and consumed, the illegal casino where life savings are drained, the violent home where a man beats his wife.

Are you getting uncomfortable yet? 

What if I told you that God’s grace is so amazing that it even shows up in the abortion clinic waiting room AND in the apartment of the girl who just had one? How about if I said that God’s grace can show up in the cab of a pick-up truck being driven by a sex trafficker and the back is filled with girls waiting to be sold. 

I’m hitting a nerve now aren’t I? 

Amazing grace shows up in the bedroom of the man who raped his daughters, it shows up in prison cells filled with murderers, rapists, cannibals and those who’ve done things so bad I can’t explain them here. 

What’s my point? 

We love that God showed us grace, but we have a very hard time showing this grace to others. In fact, if this Sunday a man showed up in church all smelly and dirty, unbathed and dressed in dirty torn old clothes would you let him sit next to you? What if he reeked of marijuana and alcohol? The truth is most of us would judge him, and slide over so he doesn’t sit down next to us, some of us would probably move if he did. What if at the end of the sermon your pastor asked if anyone would like to make a decision to follow Jesus for the first time, or if anyone would like to be prayed for and this man stood up and walked to the front? What if he got to the altar and fell to his knees with his head down and tears streaming from his eyes? Would you pray for him, or judge him and think “he’s just gonna go out and do it again tonight”? 

What if that former friend of yours called and asked forgiveness? Would you forgive her? After all the lies she spread about you and the hurt she’s caused, will you let God’s grace into that broken relationship? What if she’s the reason your marriage is broken? 

What if your child wanted to come back home after stealing from you, lying to you and breaking your heart? After all the hurtful words and lies and anguish he’s put you through? Would you let him back in? What if he’s gay? 

God would, and He does! We are all His children and if the pimp doesn’t want to be a pimp anymore God says “I love you” if the drunk doesn’t want to drink again God says “I’ve got you” if the liar says “I’m sorry” God says “I forgive you”. 

Don’t stand in the way of God’s grace, be it’s vehicle. I know it’s scary, I know there’s hurt there, I know the pain you feel because I feel it too. But where God’s amazing grace goes, amazing things happen. The chains of addiction are snapped like twigs, the prison of porn is ripped open, the pain of broken relationships bring back the joy you thought was a distant memory. 

God’s grace is amazing! Be a part of it, not in the way of it. 

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