Star Trek Theology: A Life Lesson From Spock

In a scene where two members of the star fleet try to convince the leader of an enemy federation not to go about his quest of galaxy domination. The leader says that the star fleet’s desire to promote peace undermines the simple fact that without struggle people don’t know who they truly are. 

Obviously, despite this little nugget of truth, a bad guy is still a bad guy and just because suffering has a tendency to bring out the good in people doesn’t give one person the right to inflict pain on another. 

Meanwhile on a dangerous planet being hunted by vicious aliens, Spock contemplates his existence after losing a loved one, and due to his logical nature he has a hard time processing those feelings. The doc is the one to offer this little tidbit of advice “fear of death keeps us alive”.

A Trekkie I am not, and Klingon is not my language but it’s strange how a sci-fi movie can offer wisdom and truth, albeit in small doses. 

Modern TV series and in Netflix series especially I’ve noticed that producers seem more willing to explore philosophical ideas that may not entirely embody Christian beliefs but they dance on the cusp. 
In the Netflix series ‘OA’ a scientist tries to discover the afterlife by kidnapping people then killing them over and over again in his lab while he hopes to glean some data from what happens to the soul after a person flatlines. 

One movie after another and one series after another the characters search for purpose and meaning in their life. In others they try to understand the afterlife – are they going to the bad place, or the good place? The link between what you do in this life and where you spend eternity is undeniable and yet no one even considers the thought of the Christian God. 

In the movie ‘Gods of Egypt’ you have to purchase your eternal life with an offering that may or may not please the keeper of the gate to the afterlife. 

Marvel’s superhero movies speak of a hierarchy of gods, each with a different power but not one that is all powerful. 

Is it for mockery’s sake that people wish to dilute the truth we already intrinsically know with the false truths of relativism and the glitz of Hollywood’s CGI. Or is it something far less complicated? 

I believe it is, I believe it’s the lie told by the original deceiver, the original lie if you will. The lie that God is not God, you are, or you can be if you just deny God. If at first you think that that’s an obvious lie, it is. But that lie has been covered up by many more lies and over the course of thousands of years that lie has evolved into what we have today – the pluralism of truths, or what I like to call the pluralism of lies. 

Everyone knows there is truth and then there are lies. But they reject this self evident truth for something that feels better, mankind has a propensity to make gods out of themselves and out of what they desire. The result is gods that are not all powerful, fail. Gods that are not all knowing, lie. And gods that are not eternal, die. Wait long enough and these truths become obvious, wait a little longer and you might just find you have something in common with the logically minded… or, Spock. 

Now before you clench your teeth at me and remind that Spock is no Christian, don’t worry I know that. Spock’s logic though is what I admire, it’s a logic that if we were to adopt as Christians our arguments for God and His existence would be much more appealing to those that think that science, logic and God can’t coexist. 

God created science and therefore we can use it to prove His existence, God created logic so we can use it to appeal to the logically minded. Trusting that God knows what He’s doing is the first step, the second is to do away with the plurality of all paths lead to God, and that’s easier than you think once you start to apply logic to the claims of other religions. Even the ones that don’t seem as far fetched as what Hollywood likes to portray. 

Here’s the kicker, Spock: the guy who doesn’t feel things, has no emotions and always makes decisions based on reason, yeah that guy, even he eventually breaks down and realizes that inside of his physical body there are feelings and emotions that just cannot be denied, you can’t touch them or hold them in your hand. They aren’t tangible and yet they drive you, they drive you to discover what you already know – God made you, and He has a purpose for you, all you have to do is sweep away all the lies you’ve been told and embrace the one and only absolute truth that there is but one God, and His name is Jesus!

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