If you’re not a liberal by the time you’re twenty, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re forty, you have no brain.


Wanna have some fun? Google that quote.

This is my son Jaxon at about six months old. I share this picture because I think it’s important for people to have an image of what a very small human baby looks like.

I struggled about whether or not to publish this one, it’s controversial and quite frankly many will think it offensive, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s about Donald Trump and my support for him. One of the blogs that I follow and try to emulate is “Learning To Be Full Of Truth And Grace” and it is with that mindset of truth and grace that I chose to publish this after all. Even if it is heavy on the truth and a little lighter on the grace.Just because I am on the conservative side doesn’t mean that I can’t see or even agree with some of the values mainly attributed to liberals. Namely, the love for people and the desire to help the homeless, the oppressed, and the marginalized. In fact there are many times that I wish conservatives exhibited the outward projections of love that liberals are known for. That being said, I disagree with the method in which they wish to enact their policies regarding charity and giving, the Robin Hood theology of stealing from those who earned it to give it to those who didn’t, in my mind takes the charity out of giving. Also I love how liberals love women and strive to ensure that they are treated equally and have the same rights as men. Now that that’s out of the way, there are many things that the liberals do that I disagree with, (like Obamacare, and for those of you who support it, read this. That’s another story) we’ll get to that in a bit. First, a little preface. 

I was born in the USA, but I didn’t live there for long. My parents moved to Canada when I was young and this is where I have built my life. I now live so close to the American border that sometimes it feels like Ontario is the 51st state. 

Being an American living in Canada I would vote in the election if I could, and you know what? I would vote for Donald! Yes, I know how much that statement stirs the proverbial pot but you know what else? I didn’t form my opinion on Donald based on what the pundits say, I formed my opinion based on what I heard him say. Still, the decision to support Donald means I end up defending myself way more often than I’d like. I find myself on the defense when it comes to the comments Donald made about the election being rigged, even though Democrats said the same thing back in 2000. I’m on the defense about his comments about women even though President Bill Clinton committed adultery while in office, and I’m on the defense because the media and their blatant biases are constantly attacking not only him, but also his supporters. For anyone who wants to see just how biased check out mrc.org, that is if you really want to see the truth.

Even by just watching what the Donald says I would still have to defend my position because, let’s face it, he says a lot of things that are just a little out there. Which leads many to ask “why would I support Trump?” I assure you, there are good reasons to vote for the man, but today I want to go over just one reason (among many) why I would vote against Hillary, and that reason is….


Before I begin you should know, I am a man. I know, I am not supposed to have an opinion when it comes to “women’s health” at least if you ask the liberal left. But guess what? I have one, several actually and just because I am a man doesn’t mean I can’t give sound reasons for my pro life position. Truth is, those of you who disagree with me are probably hitting the back button as we speak because you’re afraid that what I am about to say might actually have some truth and you do not want to hear it. If however you’re as open minded as you think you are…read on.


The first of several weak defenses used by the pro choice side is saying that it was really hard to come to this decision. Here’s why that’s a bunch of hogwash… Pro lifers are often told that the fetus is not a baby, it’s a clump of cells, a blob of tissue, it is NOT a person. If that is true and the thing they are choosing to throw away is nothing more than a bunch of cells and tissue clumped together than having an abortion wouldn’t be a ‘hard’ choice. Abortion would be a procedure more like liposuction, go in, have the excess removed and go on with your life. 

Here’s the problem, everyone knows, even those on the pro choice side know that this is a hard decision because it involves the ending of a human life, if it wasn’t than the decsion is not hard at all. Moreover, I challenge anyone who is going to have an abortion to take a look at what exactly that “clump of cells” looks like after it has been removed. Then come back and tell me that it wasn’t a human life.

On top of that, saying that a decision was hard shouldn’t take away from the decision, if I told you that after a long week of agonizing over whether ot not I should kill my new puppy because I have chosen that I simply do not want it anymore. Would you agree with me that it was the right decision becasue it was “hard”? Probably not.


Quite frankly, this one bugs me. Just because someone has fought for a right to do something doesn’t make that right, right. Let me give you an example, there is a group of people right now fighting for the right to have more than one spouse, some are fighting for something called “intergenerational relationships” which is basically pedophilia and there are some fighting for the right to marry their pets. Impossible right? Wrong! The way we view those examples today is the same way many viewed homosexual relationships years ago, look where we are now. But, those people are fighting just as hard as women have for the right to choose, should that mean we should just give them that right based simply on the fact that they fought for it?


This is how left leaning articles always start, not with a defense of their positions but with an attack on the opposition. Remember what our teachers used to tell us about this tactic? That it was a common tactic used by bullies with low self esteem, bring themselves up by bringing others down. First thing they do is say that we don’t know what we are talking about, we should check our facts, because apparently we are wrong. My question is, where should I check my facts? Everytime I have found myself in a disagreement with someone on the pro choice side this is what they tell me to do, and then they kindly invite me to click on a link that they’ve provided that corroborates their point. When I counter with a link of my own, I am told that the website the link leads to has been deemed to be a site filled with “hate speech” and are guilty of “human rights” violations. It’s under the guise of so called hate speech that they refuse to even read an opposing view, in my mind I think it’s because they’re afraid they won’t be able to argue their way out of it, so they call it hate speech, call me a bigot and then they move on. 

They simply do not want to see all the facts, they only want to see the facts that agree with their own opinions.

Interestingly, Hillary did this during the debates, “check the facts’ she says knowing that only conservatives will do so and that when we make known the facts we found she will dismiss them as hate speech or propaganda. You know why? Because more often than not what we find did not come from the liberally biased media; CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC, and if it doesn’t come from them, it’s not true.

So what are the facts when it comes to abortion? Despite what pro choicers say science is on the side of pro lifers, take an ultrasound for example, if science is about observation than all you have to do is observe what is on the inside of the womb during an ultrasound. A heartbeat for example, an audible heartbeat. Arms, legs, and a face. It all points to what? Anyone? A human baby, that’s what. A living. human. being.

Doubt that fact? Visit an abortion clinic and ask to see what they do with the medical “waste”.


A recent Huffington Post article that interviewed an abortion doctor said that Donald Trump was wrong when he said that late term abortions are done by ripping the babies from the womb, the doctor said “we don’t rip, we dissect”. Do yourselves a favor people and google that word… dissect. To dissect is to cut or separate, what’s the difference? Rip, cut, dissect? It all ends in the death of the baby.

If the health of a mother-to-be becomes an issue, killing her child isn’t going to cure her. We hear a lot about the “point of viability” {more on that later} but basically these mothers who suddenly find themselves with the option of whether or not to terminate their baby in the third trimester are carrying a viable baby, and what that means is that the baby can live outside the womb. Sooo, why terminate? Even if they have an abortion the mother still has her health issues to deal with, and any doctor will tell you that it’s safer to deliver the baby, either by c-section or by inducing labor than it is to abort, because even if they do a late term abortion, labor is still coming, the only difference is that now she’ll be delivering a dead baby. But hey, I’m no doctor, don’t take my word for it, take what this nurse has to say instead.

Here’s another late term abortion excuse, the baby has a life limiting condition that renders him or her “incompatible with life”. 

Abortions performed later than 24 weeks (the generally accepted limit of viability, more on that later) are done due to “fetal anomalies” or because the mother is told that the baby will have birth defects that are “incompatible with life”.

Isn’t it odd how they put a label on babies with potentially life limiting conditions like “incompatible with life”? Saying that abortion is the better choice because the baby will likely not be healthy in society’s definition of the word. While people are trying to figure out what ailment or condition their baby may have, nobody ever considers that the only thing incompatible with life is… abortion! Abortion kills that life, no matter what may or may not be ‘wrong’ with him or her, abortion undoubtedly ends the life of the baby.

The “limit of viability” according to most is the age at which the fetus (pronounced baby) will have a good chance at being able to live outside the womb. First of all, they use that word “live”, which begs the question, what was the baby inside the womb? not alive, dead?

There is one more myth about late term abortions I’d like to share with you, and that’s the myth that it never happens. It does happen! A lot! 13000 times every year actually in the U.S alone. Again, don’t take my word, look at this.

Take a look at just how dishonest they actually are when it comes to their statistics. 

From the Huffington Post

If that tiny little sliver of blue represents 13,000 of all abortions just imagine how many abortions take place every year, imagine the number of abortions represented by the rest of their little pie chart, the purple part. But they don’t like to give numbers because that would make it look a lot worse. 

Moving on…


The other part of that is “you can’t tell me what to do” and trust me, we’ll get to that. 
One of the biggest myths they preach as truth is the my body my choice lie. Consider this, vaccinations of children are legally mandatory in many states and provinces if you want your children to attend public school, you know where I’m going, neither parents nor children are allowed the legal choice to say no to these vaccinations even though it is their very own bodies that these drugs are pumped in to.

How ’bout this, have you heard of B.I.I.D? That’s Body Integrity Identity Disorder, you can read more about that here but basically people who have this condition identify as an amputee even though they have all their limbs. The disorder makes them truly unhappy and the only thing that would make them happy is to have said limb amputated. Should these people be allowed to cut off parts of their body so that they can finally live a happy life as an amputee? Their body, their choice… right?

One more, I have two perfectly functioning kidneys and I meet a billionaire who desperately needs one but is forced to wait in line like everyone else, this man is willing to pay me a ridiculous amount of money for one of my kidneys and I agree to give him one. He arranges the procedure with doctors because hey, he can he’s a billionaire. Shouldn’t I be allowed to go ahead with it under the my body my choice way of thinking?

Last one… I promise, then I’ll move on. Suicide: As foster parents my wife and I attend various training seminars and one we attended most recently was knowing how to recognize the signs a person with suicidal thoughts may he exhibiting. One of the thoughts I had during a break was that while I certainly agree that every life matters and it seems that society agrees that yes, the lives of those who are considering suicide do indeed matter. Why should we as citizens try to prevent someone from taking their own life? If the ‘my body, my choice’ mantra is true, who am I to tell someone with suicidal thoughts that they shouldn’t act on those thoughts? It’s their body…right?

Now of course we should do everything in our power to help that person find a way through whatever is going on, their life matters and even though it may not feel like it to them right now, it doesn’t mean that’ll always be the case. The same goes for the woman who finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy, her life matters but so does the baby’s. She may not see a way out right now, but that is not always going to be the case and soon, she may find herself wanting that baby. 

I give those examples to show you that laws are made that tell people what they can or can’t do to their own bodies all the time. The law says that perfectly healthy arms and legs can’t just be cut off because a person thinks that’ll make him happy. The law says I can’t sell my kidney on the black market and it should, that’s my point. The government makes laws all the time that tell us what we can and can’t do, why should abortion be any different? And that brings me to the next point…

IT’S not your body.

Imagine a husband and wife who’ve tried for years to get pregnant to no avail. All these two have ever wanted was to be a mom and a dad. One day after almost giving up, their dreams come true! She is pregnant! Does the doctor say “congratulations! You’re having a fetus!” No, of course not. A new human life is growing inside her body and the fact that this life is new and wasn’t there before only proves that it isn’t a part of her so much as it grows inside if her for the time being as the womb is supposed to be the safest place for this new life to grow. 

The doctor will announce either “you’re having a boy!” or “you’re having a girl!” Because that new life is human and not just some growth to be removed.


This one’s really an extension of the previous point, “we can’t tell another person what to do” and “it’s her body” Obviously, laws are always telling others what they can and can’t do, that’s just the nature of he system, and even more obviously, we need that! Without a set of laws telling us where to draw the line, where would we be? 

More importantly though, this is a cop out excuse at best. “I would never own a slave but I won’t tell others that they can’t own a slave” Would a statement like that raise a red flag for you? It’s bad logic folks, if you say “never” you clearly think it’s wrong you just don’t have the courage to say so. 


Notice how I’ve mentioned nothing in the way of God or religion? Not that I don’t think God has everything to do with it, but because I’m always being accused of shoving my religion down peoples throats. What I’m saying is, I believe that abortion is wrong, but even if I didn’t believe in God I would still believe it to be wrong because I believe murder is wrong. There are many feminist groups against abortion, atheists against abortion so while yes, my belief is that every human is created by God in His image, not everyone believes that and yet even they can see that the ending of a life even inside the womb, is wrong. 

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