Find A Little Me & Jesus Time… You Won’t Regret It.

Lunchtime seems to be the only quiet time I have for pondering my existence in this increasingly difficult world. As I sit in the drivers seat with the window down listening to the soothing sounds of highway traffic in the distance and of the rustling of tall weeds in the vacant field beside me, I read books I’ve picked up from the church library or I read the book that God wrote, the Bible. 

It’s during these times when I feel most inspired, perhaps it’s the absence of that wretched sound a phone makes when it rings, or the time alone immersing myself in whatever I’m reading. Either way, these moments are when clarity is at its clearest. 

I can envision the problems of the world before me like a giant movie screen and how to effectively communicate the solutions for each one, if only people would listen me. 

If God has one problem it must be this, knowing how to give everyone a life so amazing they couldn’t have dreamed it better, all the while not infringing on the freedom He gave us to choose for ourselves what kind of life we think we prefer to live. Moreover, He allows us: His creation, to blame Him for the troubles we have all due to the fact that we refuse to heed His advice. 

What manner of love is this? that we should beg for God to reveal Himself to us only for Him to do so and then be rejected once again. 

In church we learn about living for eternity, we ponder the seemingly long length of this life versus the eternity we will have after leaving this world. Again, God can see the big picture but our near sighted vision only sees the pleasures of here and now, if only we could stop ourselves from giving in to the temptations of the flesh and accept what He has offered us, the promise of sooo much more! 

Mega church pastor J.D Greear says that mankind has lost focus on what a sin is and focuses too much on grading the severity of sin. A small sin is no big deal, and a big sin is what needs repentance. J.D says that a sin is a sin is a sin! This is why Jesus compares anger to murder and lust to adultery! It is our sin, no matter how small that keeps us from entering the presence of the Father and it is the grace of that Father that sent Jesus to pay for those sins… no matter how small.

We like to say that Jesus paid for my sins when we think about the “big” ones, He died for my thievery, my adultery, my taking of another life (not personal examples by the way) but does it give you comfort knowing that He also died for the lust you harbor in your heart for another woman? Or the things you’ve said behind the back of a co-worker? When the pastor says that Jesus died for YOU, does that sink in enough for you to realize that even though you may not have pulled a trigger, that that blood is still on your hands simply for the thoughts you’ve had about another human being!?

I do NOT have all the answers, even though at times I think I do. Even when I feel like I have all the perspective in the world, God’s got a Gods eye view of what’s going on down here. My pride in thinking that if people would just listen to me is one of those sins Jesus died for. 

If this election year has revealed one thing it would be the overwhelming reality that each and every single one of us has a bias. Trouble is that bias has obstructed our view of other human beings, the words passed back and forth on social media between opposing sides of the political spectrum are dark, hurtful, and some cannot be unsaid. Some of these are said by followers of Jesus and as much as it pains me is at least as much as it pains our heavenly Father. 

Speaking to fellow Christians I plead with you to check your tongue before you let it wander into territory that it may never come back from. Words are the precursor to action and when you say hurtful things, hurtful actions are never far behind. Likewise, words that convey love and respect also act as a precursor to actions that convey love and respect. 

My quiet times with Jesus are among my most treasured, it’s during these times that He talks to me through His word and sometimes through the words of someone else. It’s during these times that I unload my guilt on Him and at times it almost feels like He literally takes a weight off of my shoulders, He humbles me, He lifts me up, He soothes my heart and it is at these times that doubts go away and blessed assurance is what I feel. 

So, my objective here is that you, the reader of this blog will, if you are Christian find a quiet place and time where Jesus can talk to you, and you to Him. At times this practice will be the only thing that keeps you sane and pushing on, sometimes it won’t feel natural and even strange, but when you get to a state of mind and heart open enough to allow Him to enter, it will be the time of day you look most forward to. 

THANKS for reading!

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