If _______ Becomes President, Will You Be Able To Move On?

​Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

Romans 13:1 NLT

Question: and this goes to both liberals and conservatives, if the other side wins will you be able to move on with your life? 

My Facebook news feed has been completely overtaken by the American election. It’s not like I mind all that much because I like politics but that mudslinging that we’ve become so used to has turned into a war of words that’ll be really hard to come back from. The attacks are no longer just focused on the candidates anymore either, now it’s supporters of each side hurling mud and anything else they can get ahold of. 

Remember that old adage, ‘a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand’? Yeah, that one, you know who said that? Jesus (Matthew 12:25). Suffice it to say that the kingdom that is the US of A is divided against itself, and I’m not a sidewalk, doomsday preachin’ kinda guy either, I just think that America may never be ‘merica… again. 

I do understand that people need to pick a political party with beliefs and ideas that at least somewhat match their own. I think people have forgotten however that both parties are AMERICAN! You hear so much about divisive politics and yet I’ve heard very little about how divisive the current candidates have been. Just once I would like to see one of them (either Trump or Clinton) stand up and say to the supporters of their opponent that even in spite of all the election rhetoric we are all still citizens of the same country and we are better united under the candidate of the other party than we are divided against ourselves! 

Donald Trump might become the next president of the United States of America. Liberals: you need to say that, out loud and come to the realization that it could happen, and if it does can you still look in the mirror and be happy with the words that came out of your mouth during this election? 

Conservatives: I’m going to be a little more blunt with you, because I’m one of you and that verse I started with comes from what we see as the Word of God. If Hillary Clinton becomes your commander in chief will you be able to submit to the government that she will head? 

Many times in the Old Testament days of the Kings, God placed ungodly men as king of Israel in order to exact judgment on an unrepentant population. I’ve heard very compelling arguments that say that is what God is doing right now, and whether the purpose of that would be to bring judgement upon America or to simply let the people suffer the consequences of their choices, I don’t know. 

Keep in mind though that just because God chooses someone to be president does not necessarily mean He approves of their actions. That’s the tension we Christians have to wrestle with, not just the fact that the Democrats might win but the fact that that’s what God intended. 

If God was in control in the Old Testament then it’s totally conceivable that He is still in control now, albeit in a different way now that we have Jesus. But if God used bad kings to steer Israel in the right direction than I think He can use bad leaders now to steer us as well. 

The question remains: conservatives, if Hillary wins this election can you see it as God’s providence like the Bible says it is? 

You need to answer that question because you and I both know that Hillary supports abortion during all nine months of pregnancy, Hillary supports the agenda of the LGBTQ crowd, Hillary supports a number of things that even in spite of her claiming to be a Christian go directly against what the Bible says. 

If she wins, it means she won because God wanted her to and He has a reason for it. Maybe it’s judgment time for ‘merica, I don’t know, maybe it’s end times and the New World Order is coming, I’m not really a conspiracy theorist but I can’t rule it out either. Whatever His reason is we need to come to the realization that Hillary might win and if she does… can we handle it? 

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