Sharing Jesus

Since the beginning of 2016 there have been an estimated 742 attacks that fall into the category of ‘terrorist’.

One incident left a seven year old boy dead, executed for no other reason than he used a bad word while playing soccer. His family and hundreds more were forced to watch this child die.

Four women were ripped from their homes by the terror group ‘Boko Haram’ who slit their throats. Reason? The husbands reportedly refused allegiance to the Islamic terrorists.

A 65 year old man was knifed to death inside his own grocery store in Bangladesh after his Sunday morning prayers. Why? His prayers didn’t go to Allah, they went God. The man was a Christian.

There are hundreds, no thousands of stories like this that include the killing of children, women and men. People who either refuse to convert to Islam, cannot pay the tax imposed on them by an illegitimate regime, or for no reason at all.

West Africa, a place known for utilizing child soldiers. Rebels and militaries fight producing orphans, these orphans are then ‘adopted’ by those forces and trained up as killers. Forcing them to kill a captured enemy combatant as a sort of initiation, after doing so their new ‘family’ applauds and celebrates, making them feel like they belong.

Make no mistake my friends the world is at war. You don’t hear about these other attacks because they happen on the other side of the world, at least that’s what we’re supposed to think. The other side of the world comes to this side once in a while and opens our eyes in cases like San Bernardino, and more recently, Orlando.

Naturally the closer an attack is to home the more people will pay attention. Orlando is supposed to be safe, I mean isn’t this right next door to Disney? The other reason we pay more attention to the attacks on home soil is because the media loves it when these things happen. I’m not saying they’re happy when people die, but they most certainly use tragic events like Orlando to jump start their own ratings, and their careers.

Politicians do it too, and without picking a side you should know that both sides do it…. equally. The left makes it about guns, the right makes it about Islam, meanwhile nothing is solved and people continue to die.

You wanna know who else does it? Christians. Christians will jump up and say the most impulsive, hurtful not to mention judgemental things I’ve ever heard, things like “what were they doing out so late anyway?” and “it was really just a bunch of sinners, who cares” or “they got what they deserve” and of course “this was just God’s judgement” and last but not least “a sign of the end times, for sure”.

The loss of a loved one is hard enough, it’s harder when an angry terrorist walks in and ends the lives of dozens of people, it’s even harder when someone comes along and nonchalantly says “oh well”.

This is NOT the Christian way people, Jesus had His own terrorists to deal with and not once did He walk by any of the people hanging up on the crosses before Him, saying “you should have been a better person”. And of all people, He was the only with a right to say something like that, instead He carried a cross of His own, ours actually and He did it voluntarily.

Our focus should not be on the lives led by the individuals that are now dead. Our focus should be on the people around us who do not know Jesus. Those people who died in Orlando surely had Christians around them who did nothing to share their faith with a person whom they deemed unworthy. We have those people around us right now, you have somebody in your life who you haven’t shared Jesus with, I know I do.

You see what I’m getting at? Some Christians claim that those people inside that club deserved to die because they were all gay. But you know what? Had their neighbors or friends or coworkers who claim to be Christian shared with them the love of Jesus then it’s possible that they wouldn’t have been in that club in the first place.

It’s funny isn’t it? We click share on a funny picture, a joke, something political, even on videos that contain vulgar language, people getting hurt and we think nothing of it. Again I do this, but why is it so hard to share a Bible verse that somebody might need to hear? Why don’t people share Jesus and think nothing of sharing some silly cat video? The same goes for all those Facebook profile pics that get changed after an attack, the latest one has a rainbow flag and says “we are Orlando”. How come nobody’s pic changed after 12 Christians were captured and then beheaded?

My point is this, and then I’m done. The voice of the Christian should be heard long before an attack like Orlando happens. Not in a condescending or judgemental way but in an understanding and loving way. The voice of the Christian should be heard after an attack as well, but not in a condemning way, but in a caring and compassionate way.

Remember, we aren’t here to say “sinners deserve to die” we are here to be the hands and feet of Jesus and since He didn’t condemn anyone, even though He rightfully could have. (remember the woman caught in an adulterous act?)

Also, forget the media, forget the politicians, they want you to be divided when these things happen, division is what they do best, and division is what gets them what they want.

We’re supposed to believe that if we had enough guns we could stop these attack from happening, we’re supposed to believe that if we practice enough tolerance we can prevent these attacks from happening. The truth is every attack happens because the people involved don’t have enough Jesus!

And we are the only ones who can change that, starting with those around you right now.

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