Thank You Jesus, for Summertime

Each night before saying good night to my boys I ask them what they’d like to thank Jesus for, the response from my five year old is that he’s thankful for God and Jesus. If you’re anything like me you’re thinking that that’s cute, he’s supposed to tell Jesus what he’s thankful for not thank Jesus for Jesus.

Truth is though that he’s right, we can thank Him for the day to day stuff but it’s the child like faith that says “thank you Jesus, for being You!”

My boys have taught me many valuable life lessons. Many that could only have been taught to a parent by their child.

Lessons like, what summertime is for. All seasons were created by God, but summer, I believe was created for kids and for parents, and here’s why…

Waiting for what seemed like the winter that would go on forever to end, I have been anticipating what this summer would be like. The kids have spent so much time indoors playing on iPads, would they even want to play outside when the weather finally turned?

Upon the arrival of the first hot day of the year, I got my answer. They wanted to be outside even more than I did!

I had spent a lot of time preparing for the warmer weather, de-winterize the deck, clean the BBQ, get all the bikes and yard toys out of storage, and never, ever forget to ensure that all water guns and accompanying water toys are in good working condition.

With that first burst of sun I realized it was time well spent. The boys attacked that backyard harder than I go after some good Mexican food.

With the summer soundtracks of Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton playing in the background I sat and watched them play with the garden hose while jumping on the trampoline (which needs a considerable amount of skill mind you). When it looked like too much fun I grabbed one of the water cannons and chased them around the yard while they laughed and taunted with me that schoolyard chant I hadn’t heard in years.

There’s something about the sound of children playing and laughing with the sounds of country music in the background that makes me look to the heavens and say “thank you!”

Add to that the smell of hot dogs on the grill and the taste of an ice cold beer and you couldn’t drag me from that yard for a million bucks.

When the kids get tired they join me under the patio table umbrella for some snacks, some juice and silly jokes.

We laugh and joke and eat too much junk food and then return to the fun of spraying each other with water.

As the day passes by and the sun begins to cast those long evening shadows we usually end up falling asleep on the couch while cartoons play on the TV.

Summertime was made for kids, sadly too many of them spend it inside hiding from the heat playing video games too violent for adults, let alone kids.

Summer is a blessing, and the word ‘bless’ literally translates to happy, so a blessed summer is a happy summer. That’s how I know that I am blessed, because I am, and so are my boys, happy when I get to play in the yard with the little blessings that God has given me.

So get out there mom’s and dad’s, the intensity of the heat quickly fades after you’ve been squirted with some water, the humidity goes away when the sweet sound of laughter escapes the lips of happy children. And all that’s left at the end of the day is kids that are happy and tired, adults with faces that hurt due to so much laughing and happy families.

Believe it or not children want to please you much more if you spend the time with them. You know what this means? Playtime spent together results in kids who listen better!

You won’t regret it and it’s totally worth it, if we want to be able to talk about the state of the family today we should ensure that our own families are in good shape, and play is a part of that, so get out there and play!

Thanks for sharing.

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