The Cross

For two thousand years Jesus Christ has been judged by His followers.
For two thousand years His followers have misrepresented Him by their actions.
The followers of Jesus are imperfect human beings who sometimes pretend that they are perfect, that they are the ones who have all the answers. I am one of those followers.

If it wasn’t bad enough that our sins are why the cross was necessary, we allow Jesus’ name to be marred by the sins we still commit, the sins we refuse to acknowledge, the sins we try an keep secret.

This weekend we will celebrate what Jesus did for us but we will try not to think about how it was done. We will talk about the death but leave out the dying, we will talk about how, by His stripes we are healed yet we will forget what those stripes must have felt like. This weekend we will acknowledge Jesus as He died on the cross and we won’t acknowledge that our sins, not the nails is what kept Him up there.

This Good Friday, we will acknowledge Jesus but ignore our sin. We will take the day off of work and get together with family and we will laugh and have a good time. Sunday will come and we will celebrate the Resurrection while we barely talk about the death.

The more we take away from the horror of what happened on Good Friday the more we take the seriousness out of the sins we still commit on a daily basis.

We mustn’t forget or minimize the pain and suffering that Jesus went through for us. He didn’t do it so that we can get together on the anniversary of His death and eat fish, He did it out of love for us.

What kind of love that must be!

Jesus allowed Judas to betray Him, He allowed Himself to be arrested and brought before the courts where He would be falsely accused and convicted. Jesus allowed the guards to flog Him, He allowed the crown of thorns to be forced onto His head, He allowed the excruciating pain to go through every part of His body. Then, Jesus allowed them to force Him to carry His own cross (with a little help from Simon) to Golgotha where He allowed them to hammer nails through His hands and feet where He would slowly suffocate and eventually die.

Jesus is God. At any point during that ordeal He could have stopped it, He could have performed a miracle so big that there would be absolutely no denying who He is and yet He didn’t. Because He understood that this was what was necessary so that we might accept His sacrifice and accept Him.

People talk about how God allows suffering to happen yet they completely ignore the suffering that God went through trying to save us. We always want to make everything about ourselves when it’s actually about Jesus, it’s ALWAYS been about Jesus!

We are so self centered that when our lives don’t work out the way we thought they would, that we blame God. Life goes good and we don’t talk to Him, pray to Him and thank Him, when life makes a turn for the worse we don’t submit to Him, we accuse Him of not being there and the whole time He was standing right there waiting for you to allow Him to be there.

This Good Friday take some time to really take a good look at what Jesus did for you, not just the cross but the hours before that, that led up to the cross.
Read the gospels and take in every word of excruciating detail about the flogging, the mocking and the pain He felt on our behalf. Read the gospels slowly and don’t be afraid to envision yourself there in Peters shoes right after he denied Jesus, do not be afraid to let those words sink in and mostly don’t be afraid to ask God to forgive you for your sins, thank Jesus for taking those steps to ensure your salvation and then accept it, accept the salvation that Jesus is offering and let Him into your heart.

Spend some time reflecting on the price Jesus paid, ponder the pain, put yourself there in front of the cross and repent of whatever you need to repent of, cry if you feel like it, don’t hold back. Get angry if that’s what you feel, not angry at God but angry that it was you who He suffered for. Let the emotions out.

Many churches around the country will try to focus on what happened on Sunday but we need to fully dive in to what happened on Friday before we can get to Sunday. The whole reason we put wooden crosses on our church buildings is because of Friday, the reason we don’t have to earn our own salvation is because of what happened on Friday.

We can celebrate Sunday when we get there, and we should but first we have to get through Friday.

Friday is upon us, please don’t let it pass by without taking it in and letting it affect you because it affected Jesus who did it for you.

Thank you all for reading. I don’t do this for the likes I do it so someone might hear the gospel but unless you share it and let people know you like it then people won’t read it, so please it only takes the tap of a finger, click share and help spread the gospel.

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