In 2015 a pregnant woman in Windsor Ontario was brutally murdered and the offender now faces one count of murder. Leaving absolutely no Justice for the baby who already had a name, Molly. Cassandra Kaake, the mother of the unborn baby was intending to keep the baby and had a nursery prepared for her arrival.

More recently a conservative in Saskatchewan introduced legislation that would bring forth charges against who anyone intentionally and violently hurts an unborn baby. in the case of Molly, a crime that resulted in the ending of two lives.

Naturally, this sparked a firestorm of debate on the ever so contentious debate of Pro-Life Vs Pro-Choice. If you know me then you know I am on the Pro-Life side and will voice my views when needed. Again if you know me then you know that I try to avoid confrontation and I hate getting into it on a website where no debate structure is enforced, it’s a free for all. I would rather write back and forth via e-mail so that we can follow what each other is trying to say.

That said, I got into it. I only did so because of the lies that were being spoken as if they were obvious truths and every one knew it. Problem was, the other commenters were buying it and I cannot have that. Enough intro, let’s talk about some of those lies.

Lie #1. Pro-Lifers hate women, they want women to be baby making machines so that they are at home where they can be controlled.

I promise I will try to do this with as little sarcasm as possible. Seriously though? I want babies to live and that must mean that I hate women, that’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Sorry, I know..sarcasm. Here’s the thing, and I’ll try to speak for myself and not all pro-lifers here but by all means there is a comment section below where you can express your agreement or disagreement. I love women, and men and babies and all life in general. Life is beautiful, and precious and fragile and awesome. My view on life does not mean I hate women, I treat all women with the same respect I treat anyone else with. However, if a woman is wrong in something she does should she not be subject to the same scrutiny we all face when we do something wrong? My speaking out against abortion does not mean I hate her, it means I don’t want her to do that thing which is wrong, in this case it’s ending the life of her pre born child. Telling someone they’re doing something wrong does not mean we hate them, it means we love them because we would rather not see them go through unnecessary suffering because of their wrong choice. And, NO I do not want women to sit at home barefoot and pregnant raising all of my offspring. I want both people that it took to make that baby take responsibility for what they created, women and men both.

Sex leads to pregnancy, everyone knows that. Being irresponsible about sex does not give you the right to end someone else’s life, even the one you created. That being said, every time I say that I get a response that looks something like this…. “Birth control doesn’t always work, condoms don’t always work and even medical procedures don’t always work like tube tying and vasectomies, you just wanna force abstinence.” To which my reply is, “you’re right, birth control methods do not always work, but they would work a heck of a lot more if people tried, and we all know that our promiscuous culture does not try all that hard when it comes to prevention. There would be a lot less babies to talk about when it comes to abortion if people just tried. Yeah abstinence is always a good choice if you do not want to become pregnant, heck it is the only surefire way to ensure no unwanted pregnancies. Now I know that after marriage abstinence is not really an option, nor should it be, but after marriage you can use preventative measures and again if used properly will result in very few pregnancies, but if it does then the married couple should realize that the pregnancy (child) is a product of their love and should be treated as such.

Lie #2. Unborn babies feel no pain and aren’t conscious, therefore terminating them is not immoral, they are just tissue or a clump of cells.

I believe that human life starts at conception, and that means that it should be protected. Any logic that says that because it can’t feel pain means it’s ok to terminate it is wrong, quadriplegics can’t feel their legs and arms does that mean that they should have the right to cut them off just because they don’t want them? Their body, their choice, right? More on that later. Awareness, or the level or lack of awareness does not mean it is right to terminate the person who possesses no awareness. I know many people who have no clue of whats going on around them, they are so unaware of themselves that it’s actually kind of comical to watch, does that mean we should have the right to kill them just because they are oblivious to their surroundings? I’m inclined to think not.

Have you ever heard that saying, “if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it must be a duck?” Well, take a look at any baby in any ultrasound, or take a look at any baby that’s been aborted and tell me, does it look like a clump of cells or does it look like a baby? Not to mention that pregnant women can talk to their unborn baby and the baby responds to her voice, the mother can touch her belly and get a response. Result? An unborn baby is far more than just a clump of cells that is unaware of his surroundings. It is a baby.

Lie #3. My body, my choice.

A baby growing inside a woman’s body is not part of a woman’s body, that baby has his own DNA, his own heartbeat and is fully developed by week ten. She’s not a part of the female body, she is simply living inside of it and getting nutrition from the female body. By the way that always brings up this question, what difference does the location of the living baby make? If abortion is a morally acceptable practice because it’s “your body” so to speak, then abortion should be an option right up until the moment before birth, but it isn’t is it? Because killing that baby just before birth is wrong, the only reason no one does it that late is because at that point there would be no denying that this was in fact a living baby that can feel pain. Abortionists do it earlier so that they can use the argument that it’s just a clump of cells, it can’t feel pain. Later on in the pregnancy that argument would have no chance of holding up.

Your body, your choice. Let’s try this, I am a relatively healthy 32 year old male with two kidneys in good working condition. Let’s say a very rich man was in desperate need of one of my kidneys and was willing to pay a lot of money for it so he wouldn’t have to go through the regular process. Since its my body I should be able to go under the knife, remove one of my kidneys and sell it to him with no questions asked. Win win, he gets a kidney I get a paycheck. Most people would have a very big problem with that, they would tell me that I can’t do that. I would say it’s my body, they would say it’s illegal, I would say I did it in a country where it isn’t illegal I flew to some island somewhere the rich man covered all the costs he paid for the docs to get there and everything. Would it make it right just because I did it where it’s legal and it’s my body? No it would not. The same goes for abortion, legal does not mean morally right.

That brings me to lie #4. It’s legal so stop shoving your religion down my throat.

The left always wants to bring religion into it, the ironic part is they say stop forcing your religion but they are the ones bringing it up. I don’t base my pro life stance on religion, yes I believe it’s a sin but a lot of people twist the bible to make it say what they want so instead, what I do is knowing that God said not to murder, I use the most basic of scientific principles, observation.
Like I said above, if it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. If a baby ripped from her mother’s womb looks like a baby, then it’s a baby. Period.
I’ve already mentioned how unborn babies respond to their mothers so I won’t go over that again. Rather let’s go over that whole “it’s legal” thing.

To say it’s legal as a defense for doing something wrong is laughable. It’s legal therefore it’s morally acceptable. Um I’m gonna go with NO. In the middle east it’s legal for men to rape boys and marry young girls, your saying that because it’s legal then it must be right?

As weak as that is, that’s the defense and everyone buys it. While at the same time they condemn the acts of raping boys and marrying pre teenage girls, you can’t do that. Legal means acceptable right? Everyone knows raping kids is wrong but how can you tell them it’s wrong when you spit in the face of anyone who dares to tell you you’re wrong. We are called the hypocrites while they practice hypocrisy, it’s unreal the tactics they use.

There are more lies but I realize this is dragging on and I’m getting worked up so I’m gonna wrap this up.

During that whole debate I did agree with one thing my opponent said and it had to do with men being cowards and not wanting anything to do with the baby either. Now I don’t think that gives the mother the right to kill said baby but yes, men today act like a bunch of hormonal teenagers who want to jump from one bed to the next going bareback, as she put it (that’s without a condom) with no ties and no responsibility. Women who do this are just as irresponsible but for a second I want to talk to you men, sex produces babies, it’s a well known fact, going “bareback” is stupid and it may bring about a pregnancy for which you are responsible. If that baby ends up in a medical waste container, that blood is as much on your hands as it is on hers.

Pro-choicers will tell you that it’s about rights, but it isn’t about rights for everyone, it’s about women’s rights. They completely deny the rights of the baby, they deny the rights of the baby’s father and yes I know many times he wants nothing to do with it and he’s wrong for doing so. But, the father should always be notified that first his bunk mate is pregnant and second what she intends to do with their child.

We need a cultural revolution everybody, the perceived need for abortion clinics wouldn’t be needed if men and women acted like responsible adults. If our world wasn’t so driven by sex there would be far less unwanted pregnancies to begin with, if we trained up our boys to become men, good Godly men who don’t chase down one night stands, but that they’d rather save themselves for marriage with a woman who wants to raise a family.

I know how unpopular it is today to say that sex should wait for marriage but we would not have many of the problems we have today if men and women agreed that sex is for married couples, that life is sacred and that men and women need to honor one another. Pornography wouldn’t be a multi billion dollar industry, the sex trade would not exist, abortions would not be sought out.

This culture worships sex and when I bring up the idea that maybe sex should wait for marriage so as to avoid any unwanted pregnancies people look at me like I’m trying to take away their food. They see sex as a basic human right, like water or oxygen. For Christians we need to remember that Jesus lived His whole life in abstinence. Abstinence is not the enemy, it’s our cultures insatiable desire for sex that’s the problem.

I have two boys for whom I will do everything in my power to raise up in the Lord. If I succeed they will never find themselves wrapped up in this culture that worships sex, they won’t be the guys who have no idea that their one night stand aborted their baby.

Culture changes with us Christians, let’s change it.

I know my views seem extreme but don’t let that hold you back from liking this blog or from sharing it. Jesus loves you and He saved you no matter what’s in your past. Accept Him and see for yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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