Bubble Living is NOT Jesus Following.

I live in a bubble.

Let’s start over, I live in a small but growing town of about thirty thousand. I work for a family business in another small town a half hour away, my life and my family’s life revolve around our small town way of life.

We go to a church that we love and is suddenly growing and we love that. People are coming to Jesus and we get to be a part of it.

Sure I am aware of the horrors of the outside world, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, drug cartels, North Korea, murderers and rapists. Yes I’m even aware of the drugs that run rampant throughout much of our culture.

Here’s why I say I live in a bubble, I didn’t know that kids in my little town are homeless. I didn’t know that families torn apart by drugs, alcohol, abuse, and adultery left teenagers searching for a place to sleep.

I lived in a bubble because I thought that the people that lived in a small town were like me, people who just want to live, laugh and love.

My bubble was violently popped open the other day, and I now realize that all people just want to live, laugh and love but something came into their lives and destroyed it. Living in a small town didn’t protect them from darkness, be it spiritual or otherwise.

So often we small town folk look at big city living as the sinful, debauchery filled life that Hollywood is so good at portraying it to be.

We watch the news and read the paper and thank God that we don’t live in areas like that, and the whole while God must be shaking His head saying “you do live in an area like that and you’re doing nothing about it.”

Small town people like me, like our bubbles of comfort and security. Meanwhile, in our very own backyards we ignore the cries for help coming from the most vulnerable members of our society.

Small town people like me like living in our ignorance while the world suffers around us. We tell ourselves that if we lived in a bad city we would do something about it, yet we live in a bad town and we do nothing.

If you’re anything like me you’ve heard those tearjerker stories of how someone helped that kid off of the streets and we tell ourselves that if we had the opportunity we would do the same. And still everyday I drive by the hotel that I now know takes in these homeless kids when they can. I do nothing.

Instead we tell ourselves that we already do this and we already do that and someone else should give more and do more, we already do our share and Jesus says “don’t compare yourselves to other people, compare yourselves to me”

If only we would compare ourselves to Him we would never stop giving, never stop doing and never stop trying.

If only we were more like Jesus we would cry out to God for those that need help instead of turning on the TV so we don’t have to think about it.

We justify our idleness by convincing ourselves that we are better than so and so. When at the same time so and so doesn’t expect to be recognized for good deeds so he just does it without anyone watching. When we do a good deed we want to shout it from the rooftops, “look at me” and “look how good I am” and Jesus says “you’re missing the point.”

Helping those in need has never been about you, or even those that you’re helping, it’s about Jesus and His goodness and that He sent you to help them, for when you help even the least of these, you are helping Him.

Awful things happen right here in our small towns, and it’s time to stop ignoring it. Sex traffickers target homeless youth with promises of a better life, and our youth disappear without a trace. And it does happen in small towns.

While we turn on the evening news to see how horribly this person has discriminated against that person, kids will die sleeping outside in the cold with an empty belly and no one who cares.

We get so obsessed with our rights to do this and to do that and another child will get snatched up by men with the most despicable intentions.

Those horrible things you see in the movies happen right here in your home town, the only difference is Liam Neeson isn’t coming to save them.

The absence of light is darkness and if we are supposed to be the light then why is there is so much darkness? It’s because most of us, including me aren’t nearly the light we think we are.

If we want to do something about this dark world we need to get on our knees and beg God to give us the courage and strength to go out and fight that darkness. Plead with God to open the hearts of those we encounter so that they will turn from that life of emptiness and embrace Jesus.
Cry out to the God that can and will save this wretched world from the evils of sin that we invited in. He will respond, but He won’t force His way on us, He will help if we ask Him.

Blood is being spilled all around the world and so much of that blood is coming from the innocent, that blood cries out from the dirt and begs for justice, that justice comes in the form of grace for those that ask for it.

Because where sin abounds grace is more, the grace offered us by the only one who can fix this broken world, Jesus Christ. He can fix it, He wants to fix it and He wants to start with…you!

So throw that pride out the window and let Him in, He knocks and He knocks and He waits for you so just do it already and I promise you won’t believe what He is capable of….

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share, I’d appreciate it.

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