Sunday School Answers

When I was young I had but the occasional adventure in Sunday School, let’s just say the church my family attended had strengths in other areas but Sunday School was not one of them.

Later on in life, my wife and I attended a church that was rapidly growing and we enjoyed it but it too lacked a Sunday School that parents could boast about.
This was before we had kids of our own and it didn’t really matter all that much to us, but I always wondered why most churches do not put more effort into their kids.

Now though, my wife, my two boys and I attend a church with what is probably the best children’s ministry in the tri-county area, and I am proud to say that we are a part of it.

We do not have to drag our boys to church on Sunday morning, they love going. Probably as much as we do, if not more.

Not like when I was a kid, I would pretend to sleep until ten just so I wouldn’t have to go. Sometimes I would pretend being sick, or drag out the whole process of getting ready in hopes of my parents just saying “forget it!” Believe it or not that actually worked sometimes.

When my parents were successful in dragging our butts to church and then pushing us into the makeshift classroom in the basement we were met with some guy who clearly didn’t want to be there.

My wife and I teach Sunday School together, we have a class of 4-5 year olds with more energy than the Hoover Dam. Usually between 10-15 of them.
We try to approach each Sunday morning with as much vigor as the kids do, but for the most part we are outnumbered and couldn’t match the energy level if we’d each guzzled a pot of coffee. Point is we try to make it fun, exciting, and hopefully educational, not necessarily in that order.

The challenge comes in when the answer to a question is not what they’d expect. When we get a little deeper than the multiple choice questions…
A. God
B. Jesus
C. The Holy Spirit

For example during class a few weeks ago we were talking a little bit about sending letters to people in Asia (gospel for Asia was the topic) and I asked if anyone knew where Asia was on the map I was holding. Well this one little blonde haired boy threw his hand up in the air with the utmost certainty that he knew the answer to this question that left everyone else wondering, his answer? “Jesus!”

You should know, I didn’t expect a bunch of kindergarten kids to know where Asia was, the only reason I even asked that question is because as we were preparing for the kids to come in, my son who gets the privilege of hanging out with the teachers prior to church pointed out more than one continent on the map. He surprised me with his geography skills so I thought I would ask the question and see if anyone knew.

Anyway, as he yelled out the name of Jesus I looked at my wife, she looked at me and we both held back the chuckles. We didn’t want to make him feel bad for answering “Jesus” but at the same time we want to push them a little further than the typical Sunday School answer one might expect.
So we did what every good teacher does, we reassured him that he was close but not quite right, Jesus is in Asia and Asia in Jesus but that’s not the answer we were looking for.

I suppose the answer to any question could be Jesus, no matter what it is. It’s clear that this little guy talks about Jesus at home with his family, (and thats great, thats one of the goals) if he didn’t I don’t think he would’ve answered so quickly. Although this wasn’t the answer we were looking for, it is the answer to the world’s problems.

As the world spins out of control (a figure of speech of course God is still in control) people search for answers, people search for meaning and purpose all the while saying that there is no God, no Jesus and no life after death. Why? I want to ask “do you search for meaning, if after we die it’s end of story?”

Can the human mind even come close to comprehending the enormous and awesome power of God? No, and I think God made it that way on purpose. We have enough of a pride problem as it is, imagine if God gave our minds the boost needed to comprehend all things…. we would be such a pride filled and boastful people that we would try to elevate ourselves to the point of gods… oh wait we already do.

It seems I speak a lot about virtues and today is no different, while the little boy showed us his boldness which when proclaiming Jesus is awesome, I think that if God had a favorite virtue it would be humility.

Throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation God is begging His creation to humble themselves, wandering the wilderness with Moses, He repeatedly tells Moses if the people don’t come to their senses they will be destroyed. He says this to the guy who shows the most humility, Moses.

Jesus Himself shows us how to be humble in the New Testament from the times He separates Himself from the crowds to go and pray, to the time He is being accused. Even on the cross as He hung dying Jesus exemplifies humility and if we are to be like Him I think we need to lay down our swords and get back to the Sunday School Answer, the answer that we know with all our hearts, minds and souls that Jesus is the answer to every question and every doubt.

There is power in the name of Jesus!

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