Who Are You?

I have a rule, do not comment or get into debates on Facebook, especially when it comes to controversial issues. It’s my rule because they are often drawn out, they don’t stay on topic, they’re emotionally charged and words on a screen do not convey the intended emotions. Every comment is read through the lens of the reader, therefore a comment written with sadness can come across as anger.

Anyway, I broke my rule today and I’m not happy about it. Not that I said anything bad but because I doubt whether it was useful or helpful to anyone else. What’s the point in wasting all that time and energy if no one sees Jesus in it?

Enough intro. The debate, at least on the surface was about letting boys who identify as girls into the girls change room at school.
The underlying and more important debate was about a person’s identity, moral law and the moral law giver.

Let’s break that down, it’s happening all across the country now, boys who suddenly identify as girls are working their way into the girls locker room. They have governments on their side, anyone who opposes them are labeled as transphobic, just another label in their arsenal. It’s a trend that isn’t slowing down either and with many standing up and voicing their displeasure, it’s a trend that is finding it’s way into conversations at dinner tables everywhere.

Nevertheless we now have but no choice, it must be talked about, and it must be talked about with our kids who for the most part do not understand why we’re talking about how a boy can become a girl.

As portrayed by the media it would seem that when it comes to the topic of anything LGBTQ related, there are only two sides.
The left and the right. I don’t mean to generalize it but for argument sake just go with it.

The left, or liberals are all for LGBTQ rights/freedoms. Like the topic that started this thing, they’re for letting boys who identify as girls into the girls change rooms, or vice versa of course, I wouldn’t want to be accused of discrimination.

The right, or conservatives, say that boys are boys, girls are girls and no amount of makeup or even surgery can change that. Washrooms and change rooms should be kept separated by sex and not by sex as perceived by the individual.

Like any good left vs right debate, name calling, hurt feelings and a lot of angry words are exchanged.
Both sides believe they are right and neither will back down, even in spite of all the evidence the other side offers.

That is why I believe this goes way deeper than a person’s sexual/gender identity. It’s not a left vs right thing it’s a spiritual vs non spiritual thing. It’s about identity as a person not as a boy or a girl, rather as a human and where and who do we get our identity from.

Let me dive a little deeper, if a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked who are you? What would you say? Your name? That’s not who you are, it’s what people call you. What about your occupation? That’s not who you are, it’s what you do. Marital status? Again that’s not who you are it’s your status.

If someone walked up to me on the street and I answered that question with “I’m a 32 year old male, married to a woman, have two kids and I work in sales” I’ve not only not answered the question, I’ve bypassed it completely. Yet, more often then not when the same question is asked of someone, anyone that falls into the LGBTQ alphabet, the answer usually contains their sexual identity and no one bats an eye, it’s accepted as part of their identity. For whatever reason the answer of “I’m gay” is acceptable but if I’d answer with “I’m straight” it would be like… sooo?

What I’m getting at is that our identity is so much more than what we do, who we’re married to, who we’re attracted to, even where we live and what we drive.

I am and you are, created by God. Created in His image and likeness. We are designed with the potential to love one another and more importantly to love Him. Our identity is who we are in Christ. When people deny Him they’re identity gets wrapped up in earthly things, like occupation, fame, fortune, status, sex, attraction, where you live, what you drive, and who’s in your bed.

When you’re identity is in Christ you’re job, money, marriage, and status are only a small part of who you are, because you are a new creation in Him, if you’re job doesn’t fit in with that, the job is meaningless, you’re money will reflect it, you’re marriage will show it and nothing matters more than obeying and loving God.

So for those of us who identify as Christians the identity of others matters. We care about your eternity and that’s why we speak up about what God says is wrong, we know it offends you, we know you don’t want to hear it, but we also know if we don’t try, there will come a day when you’ll wish we had.

So when we (Christians) say something like boys are boys and girls are girls, there is no in between and there is no changing it, we aren’t doing so because we fear you, we do it because we believe that God has given us our law and it’s no joke. It’s not a suggestion or a guideline it’s set in stone, literally.

As much as the left will tell you that it’s about fear, it’s not, nor is it about hate. It’s about who we are, and it’s about who you are, it’s about who we all are intended to be. We aren’t who we’re with, we aren’t who we think we want to be, we aren’t even what makes us happy. We are all children of God, the only difference is that some of us know it, and some don’t.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Awesome! Just awesome….so well written. I think any gay or lesbian or trans feel judged and hated by Christians. We need to Unite with God by ourside and show them it’s not judgement they see but rather love. We don’t want them to die in vain to suffer for eternity. If they feel judged then it’s more or less they DO feel guilty or that they are wrong doing. The life we live on this earth is but a grain of sand on the beach. The rest of the beach is our life to come. Who we choose to believe in, Or who we are as a human justifies the rest of our life. It is our job to bring them to heaven all who do not believe. For every person we don’t, that’s one more that will go to hell. I pray and hope all people could realize this. It truly saddens me 😦

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    1. Agreed. Our disagreement is portrayed as hate when in reality it is compassion. Love doesn’t sit idly by and watch people walk a path that leads to destruction. Love gets up and stands in their way to stop the pain that’s coming.


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