Social Gospel

For one to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ…one must talk about Jesus Christ, the gospel being spread by many today is something completely different than His.

The Gospel of Jesus is loving and honest but it’s also tough and brutal, Jesus was clear on what it means when you belong to Him. The gospel making the rounds today is something akin to what one of my previous posts was about, a gospel of moderation, a gospel of feed the hungry, yet provide no food for the soul, a gospel of quench the thirst yet offer no living water, a gospel that some call the “humanists gospel” but has been known lately as the…
“Social Gospel”

Essentially it’s the gospel without all the Jesus stuff. It’s feeding the hungry and clothing the naked and helping the poor but none of the repent and be saved stuff that people find so offensive today.
This gospel puts all of the emphasis on the here and now, on this life and mentions nothing of the hereafter. It’s the gospel that makes its deliverers the saviour and not Jesus.

It’s the gospel that many on the liberal side of the spectrum embrace because as supergirls boss put it “liberals love to feel guilty”
I know, I know feminist TV show quoted by a conservative, I get the irony, but hey, when the shoe fits.

It’s true though liberals love to feel guilty. Guilty about refugees, the homeless, the oppressed, the minority groups, and the marginalized.
They love all the stuff Jesus said about love, they ignore the things he said about heaven and hell. So in order to perpetuate their version of Jesus they spread this social gospel filled with the virtues of charity and compassion while leaving out the most important parts.

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with helping the groups I mentioned above, but they want to do it via government programs and without ever mentioning that Jesus can save so much more than their earthly bodies.

The social gospel and fittingly the liberal buzz word of the day, “social justice” are one and the same.
Call them whatever you want, they’re identical, any gospel that preaches something other than what Jesus taught comes straight from the enemy.
While Jesus definitely talked about caring for the less fortunate, His primary mission was to save us from hell by offering Himself up as the sacrificial lamb, to pay once and for all for the sins of the world. Jesus didn’t just go around feeding people, He went around first and foremost to spread the Word.

Socially speaking, the bleeding hearts of this world want to save those less fortunate persons from a life of having less.
Eternally speaking Jesus wanted to save every soul from an eternity without Him.

They’ve convinced themselves that there is no God and yet somehow they intrinsically know that suffering and pain are not good and helping those in need is good.
I want to ask “what does it matter to help those that are suffering if after they die there is nothing? Wouldn’t you be doing them a favor by letting them die sooner rather than prolonging their suffering?”

The difference is, when Jesus’ gospel is in action people hear about their salvation AND they get some food in their bellies. When the social gospel is in action people get some food for their bellies and those doing the feeding can glorify themselves for being good.

I read something today that completely blew my mind, the pictures of starving children you see coming out of India (as awful and heartwrenching as they are) are only part of the story. Yes they’re hungry and many will die due to starvation, but did you know they have enough food in that country to feed all of their people?
Some of that food is actually walking around eating thousands of pounds of grain…EVERYDAY, but because in that culture, cows, yes cows are sacred so instead of farming them and eating the meat they produce the cows live the life most Hollywood pets would be jealous of.
Did you know that rats are also considered sacred in India? I bet you didn’t. But it’s true and these rats consume or destroy thousands of crops every year because the religion teaches that the rats are not to be harmed, actually they worship them.

Some of them get their own temple and when visitors come to the temple they’d better watch they don’t step on one of the thousands of rats scurrying around or they may find themselves next in line to reincarnate.

If the livestock and the rodents didn’t take precedence over the people, the people would have enough food. Since their religion of reincarnation dictates these animals as sacred… people starve… to death.
Instead social programs raise millions of dollars and import thousands of pounds of food to feed the starving population, which in itself is good but do you know the one way we could feed those people and divert those efforts to countries that actually have no food? Go there and preach Jesus!

How would preaching Jesus do anything to feed them? Well if the main religion was Christianity where we only worship Jesus and we can eat the beef and control the rats then the issues with rodents destroying crops could be minimized and the issue where cows roam the streets and eat anything and everything wouldn’t happen. The food produced their could feed those who live there.

So many of these social programs simply do not work, if first we put the emphasis on Jesus then…and only then will you see an actual change in the cultures that rely on social programs.
In other words preach first the gospel of Jesus, then you won’t have a need to preach any other gospel because like in the case of the rats and the cows the social culture will change when Jesus is Lord.

If we were to take an honest look at our own social programs we could save millions… no billions if we’d go in there and change the culture.
I actually support welfare, some people actually need it and for those people I feel bad because so many others have hopped onto that bandwagon that don’t need it, they make honest welfare recipients look bad.
But if we Christians went into these neighborhoods not with a judgemental attitude but with the sole intent to talk about Jesus, that culture would change. Jesus has a way of turning things around, He has a way of making honest people out of the most unlikely of people.

The problem we Christians have today is that we want to point out everyone’s sin. If we would just give them Jesus, lift them up in prayer and genuinely love them. We would have no need to point out their sin, Jesus would reveal it to them and they would repent.
Remember it’s not perfect people who receive salvation, it’s people who know they aren’t perfect that get the keys to heavens gates.

So please don’t get your gospel from the media, or government. Get the gospel straight from the source, you probably have a copy of it sitting in your house somewhere collecting dust just waiting to be opened.
It’s called the Holy Bible! And it contains the only unchanging truth the world has ever seen, Jesus is Lord and He loves you!

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