Merry Christmas

Well, it’s here. Christmas is finally here.
The first of November always starts the race towards Christmas off with a bang and it doesn’t stop until December the 24th.

We’ve been through crazy holiday sales, family get togethers, black Friday and of course the maniacs that troll shopping mall parking lots.

Over the next few days we will slow it way down, enjoy giving each other the oh so perfect gift for the hard to shop for person, we will eat to our stomachs content, and hopefully find some time to relax.

Hopefully though, I hope we don’t forget the ‘reason for the season’ as they say.

Of course Jesus is the reason for every season and anybody who looks at a calendar today will knowingly or unknowingly acknowledge His birth, because in case you haven’t noticed He started a brand new way of counting the days.

The reason for this season is God’s love for us was and is so great that He couldn’t bear to watch us in our pride filled suffering any longer.

His love is so great that He sent His Son down to live with us, so that He could teach us, love us, and die for us.

For some that concept is too hard to grasp but when you put it like this it’s a little easier… we owed a debt, a debt which we could not repay, a debt of obedience that we failed to comply to, a debt of love which we cannot match.
Pain and suffering is what we had earned, peace and love is what God wanted for us, so God condescended into our lowly existence and aimed to repay that debt for us.

He entered human history as a baby born in a manger to a virgin girl and her husband who took on the job of raising God’s Son.

He grew up and became not some good teacher, rather the best teacher, friend, and example we could’ve hoped for. He taught us how to love, how to lead, how to pray, how to worship and then took all of our wrongs and piled them on top of His shoulders.

When you stop and think about that for a minute it truly is the single greatest act of true love… ever!

He knows the things we’ve done, He knows the things we think about, He knows what goes on in our hearts and still He said “I love you too much to let you get what’s coming.”

When I ponder what this means to me, it is so humbling. If people truly knew what went on inside my head they would not want anything to do with me, yet God knew and still declared His love for me.

If I were to reap what I sow, I would not be heading straight for destruction, instead I, and every other undeserving believer will reap what Jesus has sown, we will reap love, peace and everlasting life with the Father and His Son, our big brother Jesus!

So when you give your gifts this Christmas remember that you have the greatest gift of all time in Christ Jesus, if you’ve never accepted that gift before, consider doing it now, His love is far too great to go unwrapped.

Forget the politics, the road rage, forget all of those things that can drive you crazy and take a look at that baby sleeping in the manger, for the most wonderful gifts don’t come wrapped up in a box, they’re sitting in your living room, they look up to you no matter what you’ve done or said.
The greatest gift you will ever receive patiently waits for you to accept, and when you do you will wonder what took you so long, so embrace the Jesus you know exists, He loves you, He expects nothing from you, just open the doors of your heart and He will show what wondrous things He can do through you.

Thanks so much for reading, this Christmas ignore what the politicians want you to talk about, talk about Jesus and what He’s done for us.
Here’s to a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

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