We Have Jesus!

The world population is now more than seven billion people, and yet the number of people who say they feel alone has never been higher.

We’re told that the earth is warming and the atmosphere is getting hotter, but for many who suffer from depression will describe a world that is cold and dark.

Our modern culture says that love has won, and yet when you take a good hard look at the world today, it would appear that love has lost and evil has won.

Scrolling through my Facebook I don’t have to go far to see some gruesome video of a Christian being killed in the middle east by the hands ISIS.

I am not a fan of those videos and I’ve considered blocking the person that posts them, or at least the videos themselves. Yet, I feel like I should be aware of what’s going on a half a world away, so I know how good I have it and that when a missionary asks for money I know that his work is crucial in helping a world find the Jesus they’ve rejected.

In spite of the cold, dark, lonely and deadly world I’ve described, we have reason to hope, to love, to laugh and live the life that Jesus earned for us.

It can be so easy to get lost in the day to day, it can be so easy to become complacent and think only about ourselves.

It’s just as easy to look at the world and confuse it for hell, when the truth is that in all of that suffering, pain and hurt is exactly where you’ll find the most heartwarming stories of survival, revival and cases where love truly did win.

If you’re a Christian, you have even more reason to rejoice, we have a God that loves us so much that He came down and died on a cross for us. He doesn’t expect us to martyr ourselves for Him, although that will happen sometimes. He chose to do the dying so that wouldn’t have to.

Our God was born in the most unusual places on earth, in a world filled with despair, in the coldest, darkest and loneliest places He was born to bring us hope, love and faith.

Some religions expect it’s followers to do certain things in a certain way, to be religious. Some expect it’s followers to earn their way into heaven, but our God only expects to believe what He said, accept what He did on the cross and embrace the risen saviour that loved us though we earned it not.

Even as I type this looking out at a cold, wet and dark sky, listening to music that would make King Herod cry, I know that my God loves me, not because I love Him, but because He is Love.

Even as I’m surrounded mostly by people who don’t share my faith, I have reason to share my faith with them, because Jesus didn’t just earn my salvation, He earned theirs as well and they should know it.

Even as I am dragged kicking and screaming into some sort of political or religious debate on a daily basis, I know that even when I may lose many of those battles that the war between good and evil has been won and my King was the Victor.

So chin up people, if you’re reading this you have the Internet, a computer or a smartphone and a house to live in, which is far more than most.

We can go to church this Sunday and worship the Lord without fear of being imprisoned for it, we can put our hands in the air and sing to our God without having the fear of being killed for it.
We can get together with family and know that God has blessed us so much that we can share those blessing with others.

We have many a reason to have joy in this season of Christmas. Though the world seems dark and dreary, the light of the Lord shines bright!
The world can be a lonely place with billions of brothers and sisters who ignore you, know that your big brother Jesus walks along side you and loves you, when He was asked how much He loves us, He stretched His arms out as wide as He could, He allowed the nails to be driven through and said…
“This much! This much is how I love you, I forgive you for the things you didn’t even know were wrong and I will forgive you until the day you die, and if you’ll come a little closer and embrace me as your Lord and Saviour I’ll show you how much more I can love you when we go to see the Father.”

Joy to the world my friends! Let no one deceive you into thinking we have no hope, for we have the greatest and most wonderful hope that mankind could ask for, we have the One, the Only true hope and His name is Jesus!

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