A Father’s Love

Last week at work I’m at my desk taking care of some of the paperwork I’d buried myself in, when I hear from outside a yelling laced with curse words that would make Quentin Tarantino blush.

Curiosity gets the best of anyone drowning in the trenches of mindless data entry, so I went to the window to see what was going on. Expecting to see a couple of adults well on their way to a midstreet MMA match, I was immediately surprised to see a family of four on the sidewalk and the father was the one yelling at one of his two sons.

With more coarse language than a 90s Van Damme movie this father was warning his young son of the perils of crossing streets without looking first.

At first my blood was boiling, I was so angry at that father for yelling at his child like that I wanted to go out there and set him straight.
Knowing I am in no way a confrontational person there is no way I would do that, but I was still mad.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t raised in a house of yelling, nor do I raise my boys like that, but all these questions run through my head…

Why would he do that? How is yelling at him like that going to teach him anything? What is wrong with this guy? Does he know that his child is crying both for almost getting hit and for his father being a raging lunatic?

…Are just some the questions running through my head to try and rationalize an obviously irrational moment.

Then I realized that there are times when I probably look pretty bad when disciplining my own children, I mean not near as bad as that guy but I’ve done some pretty stupid things when my boys have scared me, I mean one time I ran across a parking lot yelling my son’s name cause he was running away from me and my cart full of groceries.

I do understand the motivation behind this father’s rant, he was probably scared of losing his son, he was obviously angry with his son for making such a foolish mistake but it still doesn’t explain all the cursing.

Then I remembered a saying that a friend of mine has used, “when emotions go up, intelligence goes down.” How true I thought, the guy was quite emotional therefore acting kind of stupid.

After my own emotions subsided I got to thinking, how awesome it is to have a heavenly father who loves us so dearly. We angered Him many times I’m sure but He’s always ready to forgive, we’ve done the most foolish, life threatening things and He’s never unleashed His wrath on us.

Instead He loves us so much that He was willing to save that wrath for His Son, who didn’t deserve it, didn’t act foolishly and never would have.

You know that saying real estate agents use, “somethings only worth what someone is willing to pay”?
They use it to determine the value of your house, but if you think about it in terms of people it’s pretty awesome.
Jesus was willing to pay for the punishment we deserve, He paid the price of death on a cross for you and me.

How valuable are we that He died for us? It would seem we aren’t very valuable at all, but Jesus says we are so precious that even though it wasn’t His price to pay, He will do it, willingly!

I’m glad that God the Father is not like the father on the street, God is more like the patient, loving father that hugs his son after making a mistake, explains to him the danger he was in and let’s him know that he was scared because he can’t imagine life without his boy.
God forgives the child before the child asks for it because He knows that only when we were in the midst of a dangerous situation did we see it for what it was, He knows that we are sorry and scared and thankful that it wasn’t over for us.

Thank you God for being such a wonderful, loving Father. Showing us how to love so we can go forth and boldly proclaim the name of Jesus, your Son. Though we so often find ourselves in the midst of a dangerous situation brought upon us by our foolishness I thank you for your magnificent grace by which we are saved. Amen.

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