Dear Liberal Christian

Dear Liberal Christian,

I’d like to start off by saying that I love you, Jesus loves you and though some of what I say below you will find offensive I want you to know that I say what I say because I believe it to be right, I believe it to be in line with God’s will and I believe it be what Jesus would have done.

I’ve noticed that some of you have taken it upon yourselves to defend Islam, that concerns me to say the least.

Here’s why, Islam denies the deity of Jesus, they do believe He lived and was a prophet but they do not believe in Him. They think that followers of His are in direct contradiction of what Mohammed teaches and what the Koran says, and that’s true because Mohammed and Jesus were not even close when it comes what type of people they were.

When you defend Islam you are defending something that God is against, and that’s the teaching that Jesus is not the Messiah, and that means salvation has not been earned for us at the cross of calvary.
Islam teaches that one must do certain things in a certain way in order to earn ones way into paradise.

I strongly insist that you educate yourselves on the teachings of Islam before you say one word in defense of it. If you refuse to do so you may find yourself going against God Himself.

If you call yourself a Christian your first priority is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, “love God with all your heart and love your neighbor” is how Jesus said it. Love requires that you let your neighbor know about Jesus, let them know the only way to heaven is through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Not only is this your priority, it is your obligation, as a follower of Jesus you hold the power of the cross and you are to use it to bring people to Him.
When you do this you will be offending them, but it’s the only way. One must first know His name before they can trust in Him.

Before you tell me that you don’t defend Islam, you only defend the moderate Muslims who follow it’s teachings out of tradition. Let me ask you something, after an attack like the one in Paris last week, how many of these “moderate” Muslims did you see denouncing the ways of ISIS?
After that plane went down a couple of weeks ago that ISIS is claiming responsibility for, how many Muslims did you see condemning it?
After the school shooting in Kenya earlier this year that killed all people who said they were Christian, how many Muslims stood up and said “enough is enough, stop the killing.”??

I’ll tell you how many, NONE, zero, zilch, nada. If what terrorists are doing is radical and not following the Koran, then why aren’t the “true” followers standing up and saying something?
Because the Koran does teach its followers to kill infidels that’s why, there are no moderate Muslims, either you’re all in or your dead, according to the teachings of Mohammed.

I am not saying that we should stop loving them, we need to tell them about Jesus and His true identity as God’s Son. However, by defending them in the name of tolerance is not how you do it, Jesus did not tolerate teachings that make Him out to be a good teacher, or a carpenter, or even a good man, Jesus is God. Period.

If you’re a Christian and you defend any teaching that goes against the teachings of Jesus, you are not following what Jesus called the greatest commandment, love God and love your neighbor. It is not loving of you to encourage a false teaching, it is loving when you present to them the only Way, Truth and Life (Jesus).

Fellow Christian, try something for me and I think you will find it quite enlightening, after a natural disaster happens or after a terrorist attack watch your social media accounts and keep an eye out for which people are silent and which people are calling out for prayer and repentance.
Furthermore, watch who shows up to help, watch who sends food and clothing, watch who will sacrifice their vacation time only to go to wherever it happened so they can sift through the rubble with people they don’t know looking for lost family members.

You will see that it’s not the followers of Mohammed, it’s the followers of Jesus that do this.

It may be politically correct to defend Islam today but it is most certainly not biblically correct. You need to be aware and intentional about what and who you defend and/or follow.

Something else I’d like to address, refugees. My Christian responsibility is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and quench the thirst of the thirsty, and I intend to do that.
However, after Paris it doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on, you’ve heard the Trojan horse analogy and I cannot come up with a better one that that, that is exactly what’s happening.

Terrorists are using the refugee crisis that they created in order to gain access to our country, and we are being naive to just open the doors and say “what’s mine is yours.”
If you think that’s not happening, well… you know what they say about bliss and ignorance.

If it’s your humanitarian side that wants to bring in refugees, why not bring in Christian refugees?
There are currently more than two million of them just sitting and waiting for their turn, and it’s not coming.
With Christians you can be sure that no one will pick up a gun and start shooting, they’re peaceful, there is no chance that any of them will be anything less than grateful for it.

But no, we want to bring in a group of people where only a small percentage are terrorists. How does that make sense? Christians do not have such a percentage and they will be beneficial to our society, they’re willing to work, they won’t bring terror, and they’ll be eternally thankful.

Did you know that the west is arming rebel fighters in Syria?
Did you know that Christian refugees want to fight back?
Did you know that the west refuses to arm Christians, but will arm Muslims?

Did you know that in San Diego right now a group of Christians who’ve escaped the terror in the middle east are in the process of being deported?

Why are Christian refugees not only unwanted, but deported? Is it refugees we want to bring in, or is it Muslims?

Look, I’m not saying I hate Muslims, actually I’m saying the opposite, I love them, maybe not as much as Jesus does, but I do love them, even the ones that want to blow me up. But, the Bible talks an awful lot about wisdom and folly, is it wise to bring in a group of people already knowing that a so called small percentage have openly said they hate us and want to kill us? Sounds like folly to me.

I want nothing more than all people to see Jesus, even the ones that want to kill us because of Him. Anyone remember Paul before Jesus confronted him?
The difference is Paul after his conversion was the one to go where he needed to go, he didn’t wait for people to come to him so he could preach the gospel.

What do we have to do save these people? We pray, and we pray hard. The Holy Spirit can open their hearts, we can’t. When the Lord prompts you to do something than you do it, whether that be a missions trip to the middle east or to knock on your neighbors door and ask him if he knows Jesus.

Let’s bring in refugees, I am all for helping people that want help. But let’s help those who want us to help them, those Christian refugees I mentioned want help, need help and nobody’s offering it to them, in fact they’re specifically being ignored and I can’t help but think that their may be a hidden agenda here.

I’m just saying…. pray about it.

Thanks for sharing.

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