Yes, I am a Christian. No, I won’t keep it to myself.

Today’s world would like nothing more than for people like me to just shut up.
They intend to make us look like a bunch of fairy tale believin’ uneducated sheep herders. In an effort to make us look stupid they bring up those Old Testament episodes that are shall we say… a bit hard to believe. You know the ones, Jonah and the big fish, Moses and the red sea, Noah and the arc. Not to mention some of the things Daniel, Joshua, Samson and Ezekiel said and did.
Equating modern day Christians with people who believe in Bigfoot or the loch Ness monster is just one tactic they employ to elevate the silliness factor of our faith. If they can make us look dumb for believing that power can be held in a person’s hair, or that a staff can morph into a snake and back again then laughing at us for believing a man can raise from the dead is only the next step.

Here’s the thing though, maybe some parts of our Bible are more than the human mind can grasp, but if you look at what some other groups believe, ours doesn’t seem so far fetched, and yet nobody attacks the beliefs of these other groups. Not only do they tolerate them, they accept them and their beliefs in the name of diversity.

Seriously though, there are people who honestly believe that aliens touched down on our little green planet millions of years ago and mated with some prehistoric lifeforms to create the human race we know today.

There are people who believe that our existence is just a figment of some higher powers imagination, and that everything we do is just a byproduct of its, his or hers impulses.

Some believe that we live in just one of many dimensions, and that travel between them is possible if we can just harness the energy of the universe and focus it into a time space continuum which will open the passageway between dimensions.

Others believe that life is just a circle of continuous reincarnation, this life you’re human, the next one you might be a flower or a donkey based on how well you lived this one, all guided by some cosmic force in space that decides what to do with you next.

And of course the most popular one is that over the course of millions or even billions of years we spontaneously mutated from some primordial goo into the shape and form we are today.

And related to the last example, some believe that life has always been and always will be, there is no other purpose for our existence than to send our positive thoughts into the universe and hope that they bounce back and good things happen.

I know that my faith can sound kinda silly when worded a certain way, but as I’ve demonstrated above so can all the other belief systems. My point is that all of the systems depend on faith in order for them to have followers.
Believing that aliens started the human race takes way more faith than believing that God created this world for us, and then created us to live in it.
Especially when looking at the evidence of creation and intelligent design.

What I’m getting at is that none of these other groups face the kind of scrutiny that Christians do, they’re just accepted as another person’s beliefs and that they have a right to them.

I believe the reason for that is, Christians believe that our creator actually told us what His intentions were, He actually told us what He expected from us, and He actually outlined a set of do’s and don’ts for us.
Most other systems of faith do not attribute our morals (or lack thereof) to a creator, they simply believe in a consensus of what is right and what is wrong.

Christians believe that our sense of right and wrong came from our creator and cannot be compromised. This collides with modern day practices and beliefs, such as abortion and homosexuality. I’m not the only one who thinks that this is why people come up with other ideas of the origin of life, this way they can do what feels good rather than abide by a set of rules they don’t like.

So, from my Christian worldview I see these other religions and I know that they all lead people down the same path…. destruction.
I know that people say we Christians are arrogant because we claim to know the only truth. For a second though consider that maybe we actually do know for a fact that we were created and our creator loves us.
It wouldn’t seem quite so bad that we want you to know Him too, if we’re right and His Son is the only way to Him, us telling you about Him is not an act of proselytization, it’s an act of true love, if we’re willing to take a chance and forget what society says about proselytizing, it means we care for you enough to want to see you in heaven, it means that we’re willing to sacrifice our social standing for YOU! We know what can happen to us for speaking about Him, and we don’t care because we love you enough to risk it all so that maybe, just maybe you’ll open your heart to Him and we can hang out in heaven!

Think of it like this, you see a man sleep walking on some train tracks, a train is rounding the bend and heading straight for him. You’re not going to just let it happen, you yell out to him, but he can’t hear you so you run towards him without caring about what he might think of you or what spectators may say about you, you reach him just in time to shove him out of the way of the train and save his life.
He awakes from his sleep and looks at you like you’re an idiot, only for him to realize that you just saved him.
Talking about Jesus is like that, people can laugh and make fun of how silly we are but only after they have an encounter with their saviour will they truly get it.

And that’s why even though the world says to shut up, I won’t, I can’t, because I cannot keep this Jesus all to myself, He wants to meet you and if I can make that happen, I will!

Thanks for reading.

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