Sunday Sinners

Sin inside the church has always been an issue, since Paul planted the very first Christian churches people have struggled with the idea of leaving their sin behind them. It’s hard to live one way for so long and then come to Jesus and be expected to leave all of your old habits at the door.

The phrase “flee from sin” comes to mind and as hard as some of us try we just cannot overcome that one vice that is always there, always pulling us back to the old life, pushing our hearts and minds to cede and just accept that part of us that is just a part of who we are.
It’s a lot easier for me to say to the alcoholic that they should just say no and not take another drink, because for me that would be easy.
I can say to the liar, “just tell the truth” and he might even agree with me, but I can’t fully understand the impulsiveness of an habitual liar.
I can even say to the homosexuals that they should just bury their feelings because I have never been in their shoes.

In modern day Christianity we face the same problem that the Corinthians or the Ephesians faced, the sin itself isn’t even all that different. The problem is self indulgent sin, sexual sin, idolatry, adultery and the fact that people who claim they are God fearing commit these sins on a daily basis.
Our culture says if we point out someone’s sin we are discriminating against them, we should let them live the life they want to live, that we shouldn’t force our religion on people.
On the other hand Jesus calls us to go out and make disciples, at some point during this process we must be able to gently confront a person with their own unique area of sin.

With that in mind we are forced to face a tension between what Jesus tells us and what the secular world tells us.
The secular world says that if they want to marry someone of the same sex that we should have nothing to say because they don’t believe in God and therefore aren’t subject to His law.
The Bible says we ought to head out and preach the word, show people the Way, the Truth and the Light. We can’t do that AND ignore the person’s sin.
The only way a person can become a Christian is to be baptized, and that means they must leave their “old self” behind and that old self means the sin they were indulging in.

Obviously we obey God first and human laws second, not forgetting what the Apostle Paul told us about gentleness and respect we can talk to people about Jesus and hopefully they are receptive and come to know the Lord, if and when they do though is when the conversation about sin should happen, you know we can’t be a Christian and still watch porn everyday, we have to be able to leave that behind. To become a Christian you have to leave sin behind that’s a no brainer, however we must, MUST identify sin in order to leave it behind and then we have a brand new problem.

The new problem is the world does not want to brand anything as sinful.
Porn is not a sin, in fact it’s become so normal and entrenched in today’s society that many turn to it on a daily basis.
Abortion is not a sin in today’s world, it’s a woman’s choice and her right to make it, any man who stands up to oppose it is going to be ridiculed into silence, he will be labeled a womanizer. Some even say that God is for abortion.
Homosexuallity is no longer a sin, we see a great many a christians embracing it and living it themselves, saying God made them that way and they are simply doing His will.
Idolatry isn’t even a word used anymore, everyone has at least one idol in their life. Teenage girls have Miley Cyrus to look up to, boys want to be like Charlie Sheen who has a different girl in his bed every night.
Have you considered what sports stars are? Look at these giant places of worship where people gather by the thousands just to see the guy who can score a touchdown, when he does people get up and praise him for it.
They put posters up in their houses for some sports hero, they buy shirts with his name on it, put stickers on their cars and know all of his stats.

So as an evangelical Christian we see we have an uphill battle, first we must somehow work our way around the person who doesn’t want to hear about God, then we must navigate through the tricky area of discrimination, and thirdly we must somehow enlighten the person to see what is sin and what isn’t.

While the world says “shut up” about sin, we know if we want to be a genuine, bona-fide Jesus follower that we cannot just “shut up” and go away, even when the world says it’s none of our business we cannot escape the fact that we need to make it our business and become a part of the life of the child of the world if we ever have a chance of introducing them to Jesus.
Add to that, that we have to do it in a kind and respectful way so as not to push them away.

365 times the Bible says “do not fear” that’s one encouragement for each day of the year, so when it feels like your efforts are going nowhere and you’re getting shot down everywhere you go, remember do not fear, God is with you, and only He can change the heart, my job and your job isn’t to hold their hands and bring them to heaven, our job is share the good news.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sinners

  1. That’s true..we have to speak boldly about Christ..the Good News.. We are the ambassador sending message of hope for the people who have no Christ in their heart.Thank you for such encouraging blog , we timid Christians should be the salt and light of this world.

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