Wealth Redistribution

As a salesman I see and meet a lot of people, many are kind and courteous, some are really funny and make my job a lot of fun, but some are downright nasty. What I mean by that is some people are rude, mean, inconsiderate and have a sense of entitlement you wouldn’t believe. Like the world owes them something, like the world is responsible for their misfortune and they are now on an epic quest to fight back and acquire what is rightfully theirs.

That’s where this idea of wealth redistribution comes in, tax those with money and give it to those without. Like a political Robin Hood that steals the money from the greedy thieves who stole little Billy’s lunch money that he only gets once a month and bought themselves a mansion in the Swiss mountains.
Perpetuating the lie that rich people only got rich by stealing from the less fortunate, sure there are some corrupt business people who lied and cheated their way to the top but they didn’t do it by stealing from the poor, they did it by stealing from some other rich person or entity. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be mean but the pockets of a poor man are hardly worth the effort when there are much deeper pockets on wall street, who are believe it or not much easier to take from.

I have been and continue to be incredibly blessed, and I’m not bragging but I am fortunate enough to live in a nice home, drive a nice car, my kids have savings accounts for college that they don’t even know about, I do not have debt outside of my mortgage and if family asks for my help in the future I will hopefully be able to do so.
Again, I am NOT bragging I am illustrating a point, I wasn’t born with a good job and a savings account I earned it.

My wife and I started out working on her dad’s farm for seven bucks an hour, thanks to my wife’s superhuman ability to steward money well, we bought our first house, and well the rest is history. Point is we didn’t want nor expect anyone to give us our future, we earned it, and we did it honestly.

There are some politicians who preach the idea of helping the poor and that’s all well and good but they don’t plan on doing it by giving them their own money, they plan on doing it by giving them the money earned with blood, sweat and tears, the money that you and I earned the hard way.

Fact is there are three different types of people, those who earn their money, those who steal their money and those who think someone should give them their money. Guess what, those who steal and those who want it for free both take from those who earn when a redistribution of wealth idea comes in.

What surprises me is that there are a lot of people like me who worked their way up support the idea. I doubt they would have supported it when some of their hard earned minimum wage was redistributed to the dead beat next door who drank all day and clearly didn’t want to get a job. Why support it now? If you feel like giving then give, donate, tithe, do whatever makes you feel like you’re helping those in need but don’t let governments take the freely earned wages of the middle class just to give it to those who refuse to work a farmers field because they think they’re above it.
Jobs are available and please spare me the argument that says they’re not, agricultural areas know better than anyone how many migrant workers are brought in every year, in my profession we have been trying to hire good workers for months and I can tell you that many drop off a resume only to appease the welfare office because they don’t show up for interviews or they work a day and never come back.
We live in a time when assisted living pays more than most entry level jobs so those who wish to sit at home know they can live off of uncle Sam and all they have to do is say there are no jobs.

Needless to say I am against redistributing wealth even from those who are really, really rich because as most shrinks will tell you, you are only enabling the behaviour when you refuse to address it as bad.
By the grace of God I was able to climb the preverbial ladder, and before you accuse me of being greedy you should know I help when asked, I tithe and volunteer my time at my church and I give back to society to help kids in need, you could even call it me redistributing my own wealth but I do it by my own free will, definitely not because the government forces me to.

Thanks for reading.

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