Names WILL Hurt Me… And You.

In sort of a follow up to my last post about the names people call us Christians I’m going to be talking some more about the names, or more specifically the words that come out of our mouths towards each other.

Let me preface by saying among Christians we can be divided only when we allow it, the outside world would like nothing more than for us to go away, but if we won’t go away that we should be quiet and relinquish our right to free speech in order that we don’t offend anyone who chooses not to believe in God.

I’ve mentioned before that we need to stand together and those words ring truer now than ever before. The infighting amongst Christians has got to stop, we allow ourselves to be divided on topics such as our theology, doctrine, even the hot topic of end time events. None of those things are what I like to call a salvation issue and what I mean by that is, if I believe the end of time can’t be known and you think it can at the end of the day we both believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and our disagreement on that won’t have any bearing on us going to heaven. The same goes with alcohol and whether or not I believe it’s wrong or right it will not have an impact on where I spend eternity.
A salvation issue would be, is Jesus the Messiah? What we believe about that will absolutely have an impact on our eternity. Another one is did Jesus cover ALL of our sin? Obviously most of us agree on that one but there are some subdivided groups who feel there are some sins not covered by the blood of Jesus and again that will have an impact on how you live and therefore will impact whether or not you need to earn your salvation or it was earned for you.
We can debate until Jesus comes back on those issues and it won’t help us, or hurt us but it does have an effect on us and how we treat each other.

Let me give an example, most Christians believe that the end of time cannot be known and we believe that because Jesus told us that not even He knew when it would happen.

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

Over the years though a lot of very good Bible teachers have gotten caught up in the hype of predicting when Jesus will come back, a few of these fellas have elevated themselves almost to prophet status, they convince a bunch of people to give away their life savings, then the end date comes… then goes, along with their savings account.

None of these behaviors make being a Christian look all that good, in other words who is going to join us on Sunday morning if this is how we act Monday through Saturday?

Sometimes though we say the nastiest things about our fellow christians, usually when we’re having conversations that aren’t Jesus related.
We’ll just be having a regular day and get into a little argument with someone and then the dumbest things just come pouring out, or we’ll be joking around with friends or coworkers and the ugliest comments can come out as if they’re no big deal.

I’m guilty of this as well, the judgement we pour on fellow christians for doing or not doing something. Sometimes I can get really bothered by the Christians who want tomorrow to be the day Jesus comes back, don’t get me wrong I want Him to come back pick up me and my family and take us all to heaven. The problem then becomes am I being selfish and self centered because I’m not caring about the rest of the world’s fate and how many people will go to hell because I didn’t take the time to tell them about Jesus.
Some of us get caught up in this life and we tell ourselves the world is doomed and I’m saved so who cares.
That’s where my judgement on those Christians comes in and my thoughts and words may not always be all that kind.

I think we should focus on Jesus Himself and not when He comes back, that will truly be a glorious day but until then I’d rather encourage fellow christians and try to help those who don’t know Him instead of always thinking it’s right around the corner.

Christians listen, treat each other well, be kind towards everyone and bite your tongue, don’t honk at the car that cut you off, don’t fight fire with fire, and stop giving everyone a piece of your mind because soon you’ll have no mind left to give. We are not a light when we act like everyone else, we are not Christ like when we bicker over the small things, if you believe it’s wrong to do something then don’t do it, but if another Christian doesn’t believe it a sin, well if it’s not a salvation issue then don’t make a big deal about it, because it really doesn’t matter.

At the end of each day every true Christian knows that the blood of Jesus has covered all sins, past, present and future. We didn’t earn that coverage it was given to us as a free gift and that is something we can celebrate every single day of the rest of our lives.

Jesus told us to love one another, He also said that by that love others would know who we are, our testimony to those that don’t want to hear is better witnessed than spoken, what I mean is their are a lot of people that don’t want to hear His name, but we can still witness to them by the way we treat each other, if we love one another the way Jesus told us to then people will come up to us and ask how and why we do the things we do and then we have the perfect time to tell them about Him.

Thanks for sharing.

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