The Christian “Eeyore”

Getting overwhelmed is easy to do, especially if you’re Christian.
You can look out into the world and see how far our culture has drifted from God, you can see that many would rather live a life of self indulgence than lift a finger for someone else.
Divorce rates have come down in the last few years but only because fewer are making the commitment in the first place.
Gluttony is at an all time high as the masses turn to food for comfort, if it’s not food than it’s alcohol, if not alcohol then sex, money, drugs, fame, power, status, body image, and so on.
Even the mention of God means you can be laughed right out of the room, reprimanded, fired or even imprisoned.

There was a time when being a Christian was beneficial and mentioning it meant you would be regarded as someone who was honest, respectful, caring, kind and honorable.
Not anymore, now it’s something most keep to themselves as they don’t want to be seen as one of those “stupid” Christians. The opponents of Christianity have been successful at painting a picture of Christianity that is so far from the truth that most can’t remember a day when being a Christian was the norm.

I’m not trying to make you feel down about being a Jesus follower, in fact I think there is a great many a reason to rejoice, everytime the world tried to stamp out Christianity, Christians flourished.
It started with Jesus of course but led to Nero and and the throwing of Christians to the lions, and guess what we came out at the end even stronger.
Throughout history the world has been trying to eradicate this thing called Christianity and every time we’ve come out on top.
The last 50-75 years have actually been some of the worst times for persecution and still in places where it’s illegal to be a Jesus follower, the church is thriving, albeit an underground church but the numbers are staggering.
In China there are an estimated 67 million Christians, and they’re growing.
In Africa it’s 380 million Christians are seeing their numbers grow by the day.
Here in the west the amount of people that willingly say they are Christian is dropping, but around the world we are seeing a resurgence, in one of the most dangerous places you can profess faith in God is North Korea, and we don’t know the numbers but it’s in the millions. Millions of people that can be thrown in jail, beaten, tortured, raped and even killed are hiding in groups of three or four with a Bible given to them by someone who snuck one in, or was passed down from generation to generation. Some use verses they have scribbled down while reading the real thing, others who live closer to the border can tune into a Christian radio station from South Korea and consider themselves lucky.

We can complain about persecution here and turn ourselves into a whiney bunch of grumblers who complain about how bad we have it, or we can pick ourselves up off the floor and rejoice the fact that we are allowed to rejoice in the first place.
We can look at the depraved state of our hedonistic society and tell them they’re all going to hell, or we can see the depravity and go out, love people like Jesus does and maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t see the world through the eyes of Eeyore, we could see every person as an opportunity to breathe the name of Jesus.

We have got to stop thinking only about ourselves, we have got to stop taking on the “woe is me” persona and start helping those who can’t get help.
Everytime you feed a hungry person, you are feeding Jesus Himself, everytime you quench the thirst of the parched you are quenching Jesus’ thirst.
When you clothe someone, when you pay someone’s way, when you hold open the door for the lowest of our society you are doing it for Him.
Quit looking only at your own situation and open your eyes to a world that wants to know Him, they just don’t know it yet.

The world does want to do away with the name of Jesus, but we cannot let them succeed, we must continue to preach the word and spread the love, if all we wanna do is put on a sad face and expect others to feel sorry for us, then the only one feeling sorry for you is going to be…you.
I have a feeling Jesus would say “get over yourself” He wouldn’t allow this self pity to continue, you wanna know why? Because if anyone could have felt sorry for himself it would have been Him. When He was beaten, whipped, spit on, mocked, tortured and killed. He could have gone through that ordeal crying and weeping, wondering where His disciples were, expecting someone else to do something, but He didn’t, He took every opportunity to forgive people, even those administering the pain. He took every opportunity to love people.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please stop pretending that you are the one on that cross, stop acting like your sad face is somehow gonna win hearts for Jesus. Instead put on an attitude of gratitude and show people who Jesus is rather than who you are.

All of the above is directed at….. me.

Thanks for reading.

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