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I mentioned in another post that as humans we are hard-wired for worship, we want to believe in something and no matter who you are or where you come from, you do worship something.

God wanted the center of our worship to be Him, after all He deserves it, He created us why shouldn’t He get it.
The sad reality is that since the beginning of time mankind has been worshipping all sorts of other things.
Power, money, sex, status, and fame just to name a few.
Pursuing the American dream and all of the spoils that come with it like a sporty new car, younger and better looking wife, big house and the latest trendy clothes.
None of which bring genuine, real happiness like promised and yet the chase continues.

Walk through the grocery store and you’ll be inundated with magazine covers that promise love, money, success and the sexiest body on the block all you have to do is buy said magazine and all of it can be yours.
TV is the same, if you don’t have a DVR, two things, first I feel sorry for you cause I never watch commercials anymore but second and more importantly TV ads promise even more happiness than magazines as long as you buy what they’re selling, talk about how great it is and you will get those rock hard abs you’ve always wanted, buy that car that’ll make everyone at work jealous, and wear that designer purse on your shoulder like a boss.

All of those things are either selfish or perishable, money means nothing when you’re on your death bed, nobody ever says they wish they had made more money, nobody ever has the nurse bring them out to their old car in the parking lot so they can say goodbye.
I hate to tell you this ladies but your outer beauty will fade, guys those abs will give way to carbs I’m not trying to be mean but it’s true and when you age and you no longer have the abs or the beauty and you’ve put so much effort into it…then what? If you’ve tied up so much energy and effort into your looks that it’s become your identity, you won’t know who you are when your looks fade.

Many people today constantly push through the day thinking “if I can just get enough money saved up, then I’ll be happy” or “if I can take off ten pounds then I’ll be satisfied” “when I finally get that car I will be fine” they wrongfully put their future happiness in an object or an image.
Here is what I know about you, you are looking for that next thing that will just make everything complete, if you can just get it then everything else will fall into place.
Here’s what else I know, when you get it, there will be another thing… then another…. and another. You will never be happy as long as you idolize objects that are supposed to bring fulfillment.
I know because I do this, the latest phone and the biggest TV or the greenest grass, none of it is going to fill the void that can only be filled by one thing, Jesus.

You’ll see God based on how you feel about Him, if you see Him as someone who is far away and just uses us as pieces on a chessboard, than you will never truly understand how He feels about you. When you see Him as a father who let go of His son so that you could live, you’ll understand how much He loves you.

Think of it like this, a hundred years railroads weren’t operated by computers, they were operated by people who waited for a message via Morse code and the message would tell the operator what to do. There was one such operator that took his young son with him to work one day, he would let the boy play while he waited for a message. This operators job was to manually change the switch at the fork in the railroad when the message would come in, at this particular time of the day he knew that a train full of people would be zooming by and the switch was to be placed in the “west” direction, however at the last minute he received a message saying that coming from the west was another train that was not supposed to be there and that he had to go out and change the switch so the two trains wouldn’t collide, there was no time it had to be done right now or the collision was imminent. He ran out to the wheel that changed the switch and noticed that his son was in the gearbox not knowing what was going on, the gears weren’t supposed to be moving today so it was no big deal if he played there, the father realizing that his boy could not hear him no matter how loud he yelled, knew that if he turned the wheel his son would be crushed by the moving gears, he also knew if he didn’t do it hundreds of people would die as a result, he hesitated and in the last moment he knew he had to make the call to change the switch crushing his boy in the gears, the two trains rolled by filled with people who had no idea what just happened laughing and carrying on like any normal day and the father was on his knees knowing those people are alive because his son is dead.

God the Father knew what would happen to His Son and yet He did it anyway, for you and for me, so that we would have a fighting chance at life.
God told us how much Jesus meant to Him when John baptized Him, we knew He was the Son, the promised messiah.
Yet we couldn’t see past ourselves long enough to grasp what that actually meant, like the passengers on that train we live because a completely innocent person died, like the blood that was spilled so that a few hundred people could unknowingly enjoy their life, is the blood that was spilled so that everyone could have everlasting life.
A price was paid for me and for you, that and that price is so high we could never do it on our own, what do we do? We squander it every chance we get, we wake up and go to bed being thankful but do we ever just stop close our eyes and thank Him for doing what He did?
Have you ever stopped at the side of the road look into the clear blue sky and realize how blessed you are?
What about when your kids are fighting with each other and you’re late, have you ever just sat down beside them and told them you love them?

We keep doing this day to day thinking it will get better, and soon I’ll be able to slow down, soon it will get easier.
It’s not going to get easier my friend, life will always throw something at you, I encourage you to stop and take a deep breath, smell the roses if that’s your thing, look into the vastness of the heavens, let the sun warm your skin, and remember Jesus has got this, He’s got you and unlike us, He will never let go.

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