The end is here…. not.

Harold Camping predicted the end of the world was going to happen in 1994, needless to say that didn’t happen. Harold didn’t go away though, in 2011 he was at it again, this time he figured it out the right way and now the world was going to end exactly at sunset in Jerusalem on May the 21st. It’s now 2015 and as I type this blog and you read it, obviously Harold was wrong.

Remember the prediction in 2012? The one that said the Mayan calendar was coming to the end of its cycle on December 21? People everywhere went a little crazy because somehow the godless nation of the Mayans somehow predicted what would happen thousands of years later. The end was here and then it was gone.

Now the Jewish calendar is coming into it along with the lunar cycle and we are apparently looking to September the 15th as some sort of significant date that will undoubtedly hold some sort of calamity that will signal either the apocalypse or something close to it. They’re not saying its the end this time, they are saying that something big is going to happen. Of course the internet and Facebook are abuzz about what may or not happen less than two weeks from now.

What do the three examples above have in common? They have all used and abused the Bible, they take verses out of context put them together with current events and come up with an indisputable prediction of things to come.
The problem is that people have done this since Jesus ascended into Heaven, they have all been wrong, it has happened hundreds of times and every time these “prophets” amass a huge following and lead people astray, or teach them to lead others astray, or they go into the mountains wait for Jesus to come back and when that doesn’t happen their fearless leader instructs them to kill themselves and then they do it.

I don’t know what will happen on September the 15th, something bad could happen, just look at the state of the world today and any fool could make a prediction that some terrible thing will happen and he would probably be right. But when we do this and we turn out to be wrong and we’ve used the Bible as our reference we make ourselves out to look like fools and we make the Bible look bad also. I believe in the Bible and its predictions, I believe in Bible prophecy and that the end of the world will happen at some point. However, that end could happen today, tomorrow, next week or a thousand years from now, we do not know, and neither do any of these guys who come up as prophets. If you actually read the Bible you would know that Jesus Himself doesn’t know when God will give that order.

The signs that these guys refer to are all actual things happening in the world right now, and they are terrible but I don’t think they are to be taken as a “look at the death and destruction, I’m coming soon” kinda sign, rather they are to be taken as a “help these people, I could come back soon” kinda sign. The world events are not just signs people they are a wake up call for those of us that call ourselves Christians, to get out there and do something about it, sometimes they are just bad things that have happened and we would be foolish to look at the “sign” and forget that those are people that are suffering. We point at the them and say they are a sign, they point at us and say “help us”

Look, I’m not saying we need to stop looking for God in current events because He is definitely there, but we do need to stop making predictions that make God look bad, He told us not to worry, He said He would come back and He will. But the stock market will go up and it will go down, sometimes way down, that doesn’t mean the end is nigh.

It’s bothersome to me that many Christians would rather attend the Holy Church of YouTube instead of reading their Bibles. False teachers have used every sort of media platform they can get their hands on to spread their message of fear and YouTube is just the latest form of false evangelism. YouTube does have some good, reliable and trustworthy videos but as a Christian I test it all against scripture…you know like we are supposed to do.

The human race is hardwired to worship, it’s what we worship that can cause problems, we want to believe in what we see and hear, false teachers manipulate that desire to believe and purposely lead anyone who listens astray.
Yesterday I was watching some TV show about aliens and I was amazed how much people want to believe in the existence of alien life with so little to go on and at the same time they deny God who has much more evidence going for Him. How do aliens tie in with this post? Well the show was very compelling and interesting and if I didn’t know better I might believe that aliens came down and initiated the self destruct sequence to the end of the human race so they can inhabit the planet, like many theorists believe.

Likewise if I didn’t know better I would look at the very well spoken individuals as being right, so I would believe that the world will come to an end on December the 31st 2015 because the YouTube evangilist sounded very convincing when he said it, he has scripture to back it up, he has current events to back it up, of course he must be right. Until January 1 comes along and we are still here.

At some point our world will end, however we need not spend so much time worrying about it, we need to spend every precious moment we can with our families, or if you’re called to missions than spend your days doing that, follow the calling God has for you
but spreading a gospel of fear is not what we are supposed to do. Until the end comes we can rest assured that God is in control and we are in His hands.

I could be wrong but I suspect September 15 will come and go with little or no significance, except of course all of the awful things that are currently happening and will continue to. We will find out soon enough but until then I won’t be sitting on the edge of my seat worrying about what could be, I will be with my family or at my church worshipping Him who created me knowing that if the end comes, I’m going home!

Thanks for reading.

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