Spreading the Gospel

It’s hard to talk about God in today’s world, seems like no one wants to hear about Him.
They want to talk about how epic last night was or how awesome this Saturday is going to be.
They want to talk about movies, sports, and the weather. Others want to talk about politics and I’ll admit I like that subject also, it’s not quite as touchy as religion, but pretty close.

Society wants to talk about everything else, the only time religion is acceptable is when they talk about how to abolish it altogether.

Jesus wants us to go out there and talk about Him, not necessarily religion although the world has lumped Jesus in with all other religious figures. Even though He is what we call the one and only true God of the universe.
As hard as it is He called out us to go and do it, as much as the world doesn’t want to hear it, He said do it anyway.

So far in my gospel spreading life I have yet to find someone who is actually willing to engage in conversation about Jesus, someone that isn’t already Christian that is.
I have talked about Him to people that will listen, but the look on their face says “I hope he’s almost done”
I’ve talked about Him and been flat out put down as in “that never happened”

I’ve been slightly more successful in my “online gospel outreach program” more commonly referred to as Facebook and blogging. It’s true what they say, people are much more brazen online. Saying things they wouldn’t always say in real life.
That has allowed me a unique opportunity to find people when they are being truly honest to themselves, honest as in they will lay it all out there and they don’t care if you get offended.
This is when I have the chance to be His fingers as I type away and share Jesus with someone who hasn’t even thought about Him before.

News stories are always popping up in my Facebook feed and it’s quite clear that the world of the unchurched will voice what they feel, no holds barred.
Most of the time I choose to ignore the angry and vulgar posters, but every now and again I see a comment that I just can’t let go so I put in my two cents. I try to relay God’s love, most of the time I don’t do it really well.

Society does not want to talk about Jesus that much we know, but they do want to talk about science and that is where the study of apologetics comes in. In my studies thus far I have learned so much and yet have so far to go, apologetics allows me to defend my faith in a way the world can understand, using logic and reason. They don’t want to talk about it, and sometimes I’ll have a conversation with someone and they don’t even know we are talking about Jesus, it’s pretty cool.

I’ve had to teach myself to be very careful though, cause sometimes I get lost in reading and writing that I forget why I’m doing it. When that happens I put it all away and refocus my goal on Him. I’ve also had to re-dedicate time for simply reading the Word, as I have a tendency to dive into something and before I know it I haven’t spent any time with the Lord that day.
Being careful to remember that it’s all about Jesus, I know what my problem is much of the time, I want to prove my opponent wrong and show them I am right. “Remember” I’ll tell myself, the opponent may be wrong, that doesn’t mean I am right, but that God is always right, I need to be sure of what I say before I just get right in there and spew out whatever comes to my mind. They are wrong, many times so am I.
But God is always right, that’s why His Word is so vital, read it, study it, live it, to know what it really says. Then and only then can I go back out there and tell others what it says.

There are few movies out there that will even come close to the subject of God. I can’t say I blame them, say His name today and a lot of negative things can happen to you. But every once in a while a movie comes along that flies straight in the face of all the naysayers, a movie like “Do You Believe?” a great movie that was very well done, often times the faith based movies don’t have the budget to make a Hollywood style movie and then the quality suffers, they’re still good but lack the tearjerker factor. This one was very well done and it home, I’d recommend it. It’s when a movie like this comes along that I get a little kick in the pants to keep trying, keep talking about Jesus even when it may feel like I’m getting nowhere.

In short, I will keep talking about Him, I will keep saying His name, I will not stop because the world must know how awesome He is. I won’t apologize for it if it offends you, I’ll simply tell you that He still loves you.

Thanks for sharing, Goodnight.

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