Where have all the morals gone?

So atheists say all the time that they don’t need God to have morals, what I’d like to know is where do they get their morals from?
Christians believe morals come from God as He is the moral law giver, answering to an unchanging higher power is why we believe certain things are wrong and always will be.
Atheists do not have someone above them, a higher power to determine what is right and what is wrong besides maybe government but even atheists must be able to see that deriving morals from government would be just as bad as making it up as you go along.
The law of a politician would be just as arbitrary as any one person deciding for the entire country what is right and what is wrong.
If morals do not come from God and each person just lives according to what they feel is right and wrong, how do we tell another person that they are actually wrong if their own moral standard says they are not?

1. If there is no unchanging moral standard that governs our right and our wrong, how do we know for certain what right and wrong are?

2. If government is supposed to be our moral standard, what do we do if we disagree?

3. If there is no God and no life after I die, I don’t need to worry about holding to a standard, I could do whatever my heart desires, and if my heart desires something that lands me in prison I can hold to the belief that I’m only doing what makes me happy and therefore… right and not wrong. The people who put me behind bars would be wrong for putting me there as I would only be doing what is right according to me.
Why would they have the right to tell me I’m wrong? Since in this age of relativism my right may not be there right? Right?

You see where I’m going with this? When society does not adhere to a standard of right and wrong, that society goes belly up pretty quick. Wherein nobody can tell another person they are wrong because you wouldn’t have anything to compare it to, everything is right as long as it makes that person happy.

You can see this happening right now in our own culture, God has been kicked out as the standard and He has been replaced by the individual, each person only need appeal to him/herself for guidance on what is acceptable. As you can tell one need not much persuasion to be convinced that what one wants to do is ok as long as one is happy doing it.
A culture that rejects God’s moral authority would not be hard pressed to ok such things as murdering a child because they aren’t wanted nor needed, or approving of such practices as marrying whomever you please because whomever is who you are attracted to.
A culture that submits to government for moral standards would also be forced to change with the arbitrarily made decisions of whatever person holds the power. Example, President Obama said eight years ago he believed marriage is the sacred institution of one man and one woman, if you agreed with him then you were fine, but eight years later he approves of the union between any two people regardless of gender, now you would disagree with him but that would not matter because he is the ultimate standard of right and wrong.

When our moral law giver is human and therefore someone who we can appeal to and plead with, than our moral law cannot be absolute. A person can be swayed and convinced of any number of atrocities as being acceptable, you need only plead long enough.
Looking at history it would not be hard to find examples of people that did not see Jesus as Lord who thought they were their own law, people who did terrible things with no higher power to keep them accountable.
Before you say it, I am aware of individuals who say they believe in God who also committed some awful crimes, but I would submit to you that what they say with their mouths is not always what they say in their hearts. Like Christians who say they are Christian but in reality are not actual Christians.

Atrocities committed by those who call themselves Christians were never true Christians, as Jesus told us that people should know us by how we love one another not how we hurt one another.

In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is those atheists who say they don’t need God in order to have morals are wrong. We need a standard of right and wrong, for Christians this is God, for atheists claiming it’s not they are only fooling themselves. A person is not born automatically with good morals it’s not something tangible that we are all born with like arms and legs, morals, if not from God would be a learned trait not hereditary. If morals do come from God then they are hereditary, as in we got them from our Father in Heaven.

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. Judges 24:25

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