Question for evolutionists

I posted this question in an Atheists Vs Apologists Facebook debate page and I’m copying to my blog to see what y’all think.

I love this group. I love to read the questions and answers as all are very well articulated, however as probably the most uneducated person in this group I occasionally have an answer or question that I’d like to throw into the ring but feel intimidated by the intellect of those here.
I am going to ask a question but I’m asking please when you’re responding, answer like you would answer any random Joe Schmo on the street as I do not have a PhD, I am not a scientist nor am I biblical scholar. I am simply an enthusiastic learner.
On to my question.
During the evolution process, when did man become self sufficient, as in when did he become able to see, feel and interpret the world around him and understand that he needed to survive?
He must have evolved at the same time as many other humans evolved or he/she would not have been able to reproduce. Given the short lifespan of a human the first humans would have had to know this was a priority, to procreate. Or our species would not have survived it’s first generation.
Before humans were even human, what were we? What part of our bodies/nervous system/digestion system/muscles and brain functions came first?
If evolution is true, it seems to me the fact that humans survived for all this time, or even the first generation survived at all is a miracle all on its own?
Curious to know your thoughts on this…

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