The First Church of Political Correctness.


Political correctness is the new religion on the block, the mantra is to make sure you offend no one, unless of course the Christians,

“They’re a bunch of brainwashed, fairytale believin’ lunatics. Science has disproven them long ago and if they want to believe in mythical beings then they should do so in the privacy of their own homes, without jamming their beliefs down our throats.”

Is what most non believers say about us.

Ironic don’t you think?
We are the brainwashed ones.
We are the ones forcing our beliefs on everyone else.
Yet it’s the same people that make these accusations that want laws changed so they can marry who they want, kill (abort) who they want, and parade their beliefs down the streets.

It’s just getting so hard to navigate this politically correct society anymore, you can’t say this, you can’t do that, don’t talk about Jesus, but everyone still wants Jesus’ birthday at home with their families and not at work.
I just don’t get it anymore.

When did our nation become so self entitled? What happened to the “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” way of thinking? OK, I know I’m referring to an American President and I’m in Canada. But there was a time when as Canadians we took pride in being polite and kind not politically correct. We are now one of the most politically correct nations in the world. I don’t think that’s a good thing, not when it comes to our freedoms, being correct, politically speaking means you can’t be correct biblically.

As a nation we have more groups, affiliations, clubs, activists, watchdogs, etc, etc all fighting for equal rights. Not once do any of these people stop and think that if they get the rights they’re fighting for that they may very well be robbing them from somebody else.

I heard a popular American pastor say this yesterday, and it is spot on……

“We are a nation addicted to our rights, and oblivious to our obligations.”

Maybe it’s just me, perhaps we should stop being so self centered and start being more Christ centered, if we realized our obligations and forgot about our self entitlement, we would be much better off as a country.

That won’t happen though, you and I both know that, not as long as everytime you turn on the radio or the TV and you hear things like this….

“I want what’s coming to me.”

“I want what’s mine.”

“I want your rights, your freedoms, your liberties.”

“I want to marry who I want to marry.”

“I deserve it, I am worth it, I, I, I, me, me, me.”

All the while, children starve in the streets, teens run right into the arms of traffickers, the homeless go cold. And all we can think about is how our rights are being ignored, our voices aren’t being heard, and our taxes are too high.

Listen, I’m not saying we stop fighting the good fight, but we could put a little more emphasis on the people that need our attention, and a little less on those who, quite frankly don’t even think about us. Why are we giving them so much of our time? Trust me your enemies don’t go home and think about you.

As you have probably heard by now, the U.S legalized same sex marriage in all fifty states yesterday, and you know where I stand, my beliefs are of the complimentarian variety and that God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. Canada did this ten years ago and if the government feels they have to redefine marriage in the legal sense of the word then so be it. I think it’s wrong but even so, God’s definition stands in my church. The reason we Jesus followers are so worried about this is because logically speaking the next step is to force us into performing the ceremonies of same sex weddings, and if you think that won’t happen then do a quick Google search and tell me what you find.

Anyway that is just another one of those so called “rights” that apparently everyone should have, love is love and so forth, and without ranting about the limits of love and the limits freedom should have let me just say that in the age of relativism shouldn’t rights be just as relative as anything else, I should not as a man have the same rights as a woman, for example I should never have the right to walk into a women’s dressing room at the gym just because I want equal rights.

I know everyone calls this an equal rights issue, it’s not. It’s a gay rights issue. I am not condemning gays, let’s just get that straight. I have met some really friendly and nice gay people that quite frankly are a lot better people than some Christians (relatively speaking) but I don’t think that the rights that come with marriage should be extended to them, not because I’m a hypocritical bigot, but because some rights are exclusive to some people. What would happen if I wanted the rights of, say the Aboriginals in Canada? They pay a lower tax rate, maybe I am being discriminated against by having to pay more taxes, how far do you think that would go? DENIED is what the overwhelming response would be.

Look, I do believe that all people should be treated with nothing less than kind, gentle love, and no not the sexual kind of love, the Jesus kind of love. I don’t believe that every person should have the rights as every other person, yes that’s an incredibly controversial thing to say, but if you think about it I bet you would find an example in your own life. I’ll say it again, I should not have every right every other person has, and neither should you.

I could go on, but I won’t. That’s my two cents.
Please note that words on a screen can come across a completely different way than intended so please know my tone here is not hateful or hurtful, maybe a little sarcastic but I’m not trying to offend anyone, so please don’t take it that way.

Thanks for sharing.

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3 thoughts on “The First Church of Political Correctness.

  1. i get it everybody wants the “right” to do what makes them happy. I mean we should be happy right? Well wether you believe in Jesus or not he died for us! (ALL OF US). Where was his rights? He has the right to judges us all but he didn’t use that Right, why? Because he Loves us (Yes everyone) and why he decided to lay down his life for us was to save us because he loves and respects us! Even though we don’t deserve it!
    So maybe instead of fighting for rights that only benefit our own selfish wants, we could go back to respect for one another. Just because we have the “right” to do something doesn’t mean that we should.
    We don’t need to agree with everyone to respect them because everyone and I do mean EVERYONE sins. The person and I do mean EVERYONE deserves respect. not the sin! It’s when we think we have the “right” to sin is where the line has been crossed because sin is WRONG we (ALL) people do it but that doesn’t make it right. Or that we have a right to do it!
    You wanna know what makes me the happiest? When I go outta my way to help somebody that needs it, sacrificing MY right to do what makes me happy to help a fellow person out and the look of joy on their face. Makes the sacrifice well wroth it even though you may not want to do it.
    If we ALL sacrificed for our fellow brother or sister even if that ment having our so called “rights that we say we deserved that we could easily make this a happy and loving world and having true love for everyone is when we will find Christ living in more hearts!
    Thanks that’s my 2 cents!!!! Lol

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