Honoring the government.

This last Sunday was fathers day, and my pastor delivered a fantastic sermon about honor, and how to love and honor the people in your life, not just your fathers.

Honor your parents, your freinds, your coworkers and yes honor your enemies.
Here’s the kicker, honor the government. You know for me that ones even harder than honoring your enemies. I mean the government makes decisions that affect my life and how I raise my children, and when they come up with a law that contradicts my faith, I’ll admit I bad mouth the liberals as much as any other conservative.

For me, that is an aspect of my faith I will have to get Jesus to help me on. I can’t cherry pick my way around it, the pastor made a reference to Romans 13:1-5 and I don’t remember it being on the screen but I marked it in my Bible and looked it up today and it’s clear on this, God Himself established the government even if the government doesn’t acknowledge God.

I have been very vocal about the current government and it’s policies, especially the sex ed curriculum.
To honor them do I have to be quiet and accept everything they say?
I already knew the answer to that question but when it was confirmed during the sermon I realized that I’m not wrong to disagree, but I most definitely have been wrong in how I have disagreed with them in the past.

Children have a way of disagreeing with parents in a way that is dishonorable, it’s in their nature. But as an adult I could find a more honorable method when it comes to disagreeing with politicians. After all if I want to be seen as a Christian and not as a politician, perhaps my tact needs some more love in it and less anger.

To honor someone does not mean you have to agree with them, or even accept everything they say. Honor is about how a person deals with it.

The congregation at my church is always encouraged to ask the questions if we have any, and I think that’s great. I’ve heard a lot of ex-christians say their questions were unwelcome in church, that’s crazy to me, without questions how does one learn? Some people become atheists because their questions weren’t welcome. Maybe that’s just them playing the blame game, but if a pastor doesn’t want the questions, maybe he’s in the wrong field.
I’ve had many a question and each and every single one of them has been handled properly, either I’m given the tools to answer them, or its answered right there on the spot.

The thing about honor is that it’s defined by each person a little differently. Where the preverbial line is may be different for me than it is for you. So how do we know where the line is? That answer I believe is also found in scripture, and without throwing a bunch of verses at you allow me to simplify, if at any time you don’t know which side of the line you’re on, look at it through the lens of….


As I mentioned above the honor the government part is an issue for me, but I have to put aside my own agenda and figure out what God’s will is before I go on condemning the leaders of this province. When I look at those leaders and I see what’s written about how God established them, I truly do see how mysterious His ways are. I submit to Him my will in favor of His, even if I don’t understand it.

The goal now is to find a way to honor those in charge, do it in a Godly way and still manage to respectfully disagree with some of the things they do.
In that is where I will need God the most.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

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