In Honor of my Dad

Hey Dad,
Just wanted to say you are a great father, because of you I know how to love my boys, because of you I know how to work hard, play hard and have a good time even when things are hard.

You didn’t focus on telling me how to do things, you showed me. And that for me is far better, growing up you taught me responsibility and owning my mistakes, you didn’t let me get away with being a brat, you gave me discipline when I needed it, and I needed it A LOT.

When I got into a fight at school I always knew how you would respond, because you taught me right from wrong before I got into that fight.
You told me to defend myself, not to pick a fight or in any way start one, if I needed to stand up for myself or my siblings you gave me permission to do so. Sometimes I did, so when I called you from the principals office I knew you would ask if I started it, if I said yes I could expect trouble when I got home, if I said no I knew you had my back and you would defend me.
Knowing that you would defend me, well…. that meant the world to me. When it felt like everyone was against me I knew that you believed in me.

You taught me hard work, and I didn’t show it then but now I am thankful for it, because it is that work ethic you showed me that has put me where I am today, I remember working the tobacco harvest and the farmer yelling at me for some reason, and you didn’t get all mad or anything like that, you showed me how to persevere, you encouraged me to just keep on working rather than getting into an argument with the boss.
That perseverance is another thing I am greatful for today, because without perseverance I would have absolutely no patience, today one of the traits people say that I have an abundance of, is patience. That’s because of you.

I know we didn’t go to church every Sunday, and we weren’t exactly the most spiritual family around but you and mom still had a huge influence in my life when it comes to Jesus.
When school taught me things that went against God, you guys were there to steer me right.
You took the Sabbath day seriously, you took Good Friday and Easter Sunday seriously, and I knew what it stood for so thanks for that.
Because of that I am a new creation in Christ, and although you are my earthly father, we both have another Father, that is God the Father in Heaven.

Dad I hope that today you realize that because of you, there are people on this planet that would not be here if you and mom hadn’t gotten together.
There are ten children on the planet that are here because of you. Yes I am counting the one that is still to arrive in Alberta.

I hope that I lead a legacy comparable to yours, I hope that my children look at me and see a little bit of you even if they don’t know it, I hope that I do half as good a job as you have done as a father, if I can do that I’ll know that my children will follow Jesus and we’ll all be in the kingdom of heaven together one day.

Many children in the world today go to sleep at night without a dad, I will not let my children experience that.
Thanks to you being steadfast and dependable, so am I. I know those words aren’t the most exciting words a person can hear but when God uses the word “steadfast” He tells us we will have perfect peace, and that is awesome.

So today I thank you, dad, for being there, for being you, and for being the father that I needed to grow up in the Lord. Even if we didn’t talk about it, I know we each thought about it.
Today I thank God for you.

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