Sunday’s, and why I love them.

I really like Sunday morning, most Sundays I can get up before the kids do and knowing I don’t have to go to work I sit in my sun porch sipping a hot coffee reading.

I can watch the sunrise from my porch, but it doesn't look like this.

If you know me, or if you’ve read any of my other posts you know I like reading, the Bible of course is a common Sunday morning choice, but not the only one. I try to avoid the apologetics stuff on Sundays only because I need to give my brain a sabbath too, testimonies are always welcome if I come across one, but it’s the opinions of other Christians that I enjoy, and yes even if they are different than mine.
Hearing or reading rather that they believe in the same Jesus as me makes me feel connected somehow.

The best part about Sunday morning is that I get to go to church, I know right, how cliche, the Christian likes going to church. Yes I do. But it’s more than that, I get to go, I am able to go.
I am not comparing my church to any other, really. However my church is awesome, the children’s ministry is by far the happiest I’ve seen any child in church, ever. I feel so honored that I get to be a part of it.
The sermons are awesome, thought provoking and biblically sound, delivered by the best Pastors. I have never fallen asleep with my head in my hands here, even if I wanted to I couldn’t because the worship team is by far the best worship I have ever experienced.
Again I’m not saying one church is better than the other I hope that’s not what you get out of this. Every church is a part of the church as long as they are Bible teaching, Jesus preaching, Christ centered churches. They all have strengths and the ones I mentioned above are ours.

But it’s not like that for all Christians, many of us around the world don’t get to go to worship in a building per se. Many have to hide in someone’s basement, or meet secretly somewhere away from civilization. Most can’t meet in big groups as that would just give them away, carrying a Bible can land you in prison, or dead. Talking about Jesus will have the same result if not first beaten and left for dead.

It is kind of ironic isn’t it? Christians who believe in peace and love and forgiveness are being forced out of their homes and ran out of town, refusing to leave will leave you without a head, even if you’re a child.
Christians who don’t fight, don’t kill, don’t stone people are the ones that the world wants to silence. For no other reason then they want our Jesus silenced. Since His death on the cross they’ve been trying to kill Him, a death they say they don’t believe in is what they are trying to complete.

Like I said, as for us in the west we don’t face this persecution in the same way, we don’t have to face death, or public beatings, or imprisonment. We can still openly go and worship the one and only true God.
For that I am so thankful, I have my doubts that I would be strong enough to die for the one who died for me.
I’d like to say that I would but how do I know that for sure, if it ever got to that, I hope I would just place my trust in Him and let be what will be.

Until then, if that ever happens I will trust in Him.

Anyway, the kids are waking up and it’s almost time for church, so I’d better get ready.

I appreciate you reading my thoughts and if you like them, share them and add some of your own.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday’s, and why I love them.

  1. Hope you have a thought-provoking service this morning. Thank you for the reminder not to take our religious freedoms for granted. We should pray daily for all Christians throughout the world facing persecution.

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