Logic and Reason are Relative?

My last post titled Apologetics 101, is what I would call my most successful in terms of how many readers and the amount of comments and compliments.

I was called and an “Apologist” and for those that are wondering that’s a good thing.
With C.S Lewis as my inspiration I wrote and didn’t stop until complete, I had all these things bouncing around in my head and I just had to get them out.
As a result I was asked to write a guest post on a very well known blog by someone who is way better at this than myself, needless to say I am honored and all I really want is to bring the glory to God.

This is a strange time to live in, with lines being drawn in every direction everyone is being forced to choose where they stand. Either your for or against any given topic and when you decide, be prepared that your choice comes with a label, usually a negative one. You can’t straddle a line either, society won’t accept it, either your for us or against us, there is no in between.

I won’t go into all the different scenarios. Among the most popular right now are the lines between black and white, police and blacks, pro choice and pro life, LGBT and Christianity, Christianity and it seems everyone else.

It’s troubling to me because it seems anytime a Christian speaks up they get pounced on like a lion pounces on its prey. This is a freedom of speech issue as much as it is a freedom of religion issue, we don’t separate these two, our speech is about our religious beliefs.
(I don’t like calling Christianity religion, because I don’t think it is, but that’s a topic for another day.)

You see for a Christian, a true Christian, our beliefs is what makes us who we are, our identity comes from God and we can’t separate what we talk about from what we believe.
When we speak out against something, we speak because we believe in it.
It’s like asking a baseball player not to talk about baseball during the game.
The world is our field and Jesus is the objective.

So as a blogger who is now also an apologist, let me explain that we cannot remain quiet, everyone is standing up and letting the world know what they are for.
From what I’ve seen Christians are standing up and letting the world know what we are against.
I think we need to shift ourselves into the opposite way of looking at it, the world needs to know what we are for.

In this age of reason, as all the rational people claim it is, we are at the most irrational time in history.
In this age of reason we have never been more unreasonable.
Logical thinkers, as they call themselves have never been more illogical.

Let’s break this down shall we.
The ability to reason is what makes us humans unique, this is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom.
Our ability to reason or think comes from our creator, to reason otherwise is far fetched at best. If my ability to reason happened by chance, happened because over billions of years our brains evolved into what they are today then why do other creatures on this beautiful planet of ours not have this ability? All animal reactions are based on impulse, not thought. A dog doesn’t figure out the easiest way to get to his food, he sees food and wants it.

Our society has reasoned the topic of homosexuallity into oblivion.
There is no evidence for them to stand on, the claim is you’re either born gay or straight, they’ve reasoned that since you’re born this way, that you are simply being yourself, but they also reason that boys or girls that are born either male or female are not born that way. Somehow, a fetus can be gay, but not boy or girl. Science is what they refer to when saying this, and yet science has not found the gay gene. What they have found is that you are born with either a male anatomy or a female anatomy. I know I’m getting carried away just one more point before I move on, the transgender community would have you believe that you may or may not be born in the “right” body. I am curious if the justification they use for being gay is because you were born this way, then how is being transgender ok when you are so clearly not born that way?

Here’s some more logic for you, gay America wants to be tolerated, they say that Christians should love and accept them. How do they model this type of acceptance? By having Miley Cyrus do a magazine interview where she berates Christians with insults, calls us outdated and that we shouldn’t be allowed to make laws in America, she likes to use words that shall we say are a bit, intolerant, judgemental and downright mean.

Somehow Christians are the irrational, unreasonable and illogical ones while everyone else makes laws arbitrarily based on their feelings and urges.

Maybe what we need is to leave this age of reason and jump head first into a revival.

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Thanks for reading.

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