Apologetics 101

As you may know already about me, I love to read blogs, ironically though I mostly read blogs by non believers. I don’t do this because I’m looking for reasons not to believe, I do it because I’m looking for ways to argue against non belief. image Maybe argue is the wrong word, I should say debate, many atheists rant on and on about how humanity has it all figured out, we don’t need God anymore, we know the origins of life and the nature of the stars, and so on. Problem is, they commit the very crime they accuse Christians of committing, spewing out opinions without any cold hard facts. While both sides are guilty of this, there is a trend growing among Christians and I think it’s great and plan to be a part of it. The trend? Apologetics. While not a new trend, but with all of the atheists spewing their so called logic and reasoning at us we as Christians should arm ourselves with a defense, and the study of apologetics does just that, in a way that the atheist can relate to, using logic and reason. Atheists say that they use reason and logic to prove what they know is true. For example, you are inside a restaurant and in through the front door walks a man dripping wet, using logic and reason you could conclude that it’s raining outside and you would most likely be right. Basically use your head to figure things out, not your heart, or as we would say your gut. It’s not necessarily a bad thing or an evil thing, but it relies on what a person can conclude with his head and suggests that you should leave your heart out of it. In my study of apologetics thus far I have been most fascinated by the likes of Tim Keller, Lee Strobel and Norman L Geisler. But last week I picked up Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis from the church library and I can’t believe that I didn’t start with this, what a brilliant author, and he is also incredibly easy to understand. I am a baby Christian, but I’m even newer at this apologetics thing and I am in no way an expert but I thought I would try to write an article on what I’ve seen so far. So what the atheists do is use this method of thinking (sometimes called critical thinking) to explain away God, and creation. The claim is that we have no physical evidence for God, except a book written a couple of thousand years ago which they quickly dismiss and therefore He does not exist, and that we have plenty of evidence for evolution and therefore, if you are smart you will conclude that evolution is how we came to be. The problem that I have with that is they are confusing evidence for proof. Let’s go back to the man who walked into the restaurant dripping wet, most rational people would say “he’s wet because it’s raining” however that does not make it true. He could have just done the ice bucket challenge or went through a car wash in his convertible, fact is we do not know for sure that it’s raining outside unless we go out and see for ourselves. If we make that conclusion based on the evidence that is right in front of us (the man dripping wet) we take at least a small leap of faith to say that we believe it’s raining, we cannot know for certain until we see the raindrops falling from the sky. That brings up the next problem with using logic to reach this conclusion is that it’s not always possible to go outside and see for ourselves. At some point we have to either believe the evidence we see or admit to not knowing for sure. Let’s take a look at the evidence, -Man dripping wet. -He came from outside where it rains. -Eyewitness testimony. It’s the third one that atheists don’t like, much of what they claim cannot be backed up by eyewitnesses as much of what they claim is supposedly millions of years ago. Whereas Christians have eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life and as much as they would love to refute them I’ve heard very little that even try, those that do say that He lived but He wasn’t the Messiah, even that they have a hard time with. If He lived he either was the Saviour or He’s crazy, Jesus said He was God, would a sane person say that? Uh, no. So He is God, why? Because if He was crazy we wouldn’t be talking about Him today. If He is God then two thousand years later is really no big deal to still be talking about Him. Back on topic, how can we know with the utmost certainty that it’s raining outside without actually going outside? Ask the man that just came from there. Atheists argue that Christians only believe because someone told them to, like your parents or your teacher or your coach and so on. Maybe for some that’s true, but it could be said of the atheist as well, the atheist camp is growing and they’re pretty vocal about what they believe, some are going to believe it because they’re being told it’s the truth. image I know, typical Christian posts a quote from C.S Lewis and thinks he proves all atheists wrong, that’s not the case, I don’t intend to use C.S Lewis as a weapon, I intend to learn from him. I know that atheists are never going to admit on the spot that they could be wrong, fact is most of the time they’ll find something in his words and try to poke holes in his way of speaking. That’s OK, the point of apologetics is not to instantly convert anyone (if that happens I’m more than ok with that) rather it’s a defense of our faith, Christians are the target of most atheists, they say we’re brainwashed and ignorant, some come right out and say we’re stupid, since we don’t back down and pick up the atheist torch, they resort to bullying us. Strange isn’t it? They accuse us of brainwashing, and yet if you don’t join them we get pelted with insults. Sounds like a schoolyard bully doesn’t it? Anyway, I don’t mean disrespect to anyone, not even you atheists, in fact I love to debate, so if you have something to say, say it. Other than that please share and like and have a nice day. Thanks for reading. Posted from WordPress for Android

13 thoughts on “Apologetics 101

  1. Apologetics is the study of how to explain new developments in our understanding of the universe so that they conform to the Bible. I did it for years, but sooner or later you back off and look at the big picture, and how much you’ve distorted your thinking, and realize that there are simpler ways to explain the world than by finding some way in which your preconceived notions can still remain true.

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    1. I’m sorry you feel that way. But in my opinion apologetics shows the big picture.
      However I don’t have preconceived notions, Jesus found me and transformed me precisely when I needed Him the most.
      Any preconceived notions I had I threw out the window when I learned the truth.

      I appreciate your feedback and that you read this.
      Have a great day.


  2. Last year around this time I had no idea what Apologetics was. If you asked me I would have said it is the study of how to apologize. But then a friend of mine started teaching a class on Apologetics using the New Answers books by Ken Ham (I think) at our homeschool co-op, and opened my eyes to so many more Christians were out there who believed what I believed concerning evolution and a young earth. I’ve watched Dr. Kent Hovind’s videos online for years, so the idea wasn’t new to me, just the word. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Your welcome and thank you for reading.
      My hope is that I spark good conversation, and I am new at this but I have a great church to back to me up and it looks like a few WordPress followers now too. Thanks again for your comment.
      God bless.

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  3. First, great blog, WP needs a few more apologists.

    Although I have only had my Christian blog a little less than a year, I have been talking to atheists a long time and have begun to find it tedious.

    I find nothing today that isn’t slightly rehashed versions of what I read on biblebabble.com 10 years ago.

    Seems now a days, and despite our best effort to be good apologists, the atheists behave less and less like they are up for civil discourse at all. I probably delete 100 comments a day because they aren’t even worth the time.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    God bless,


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    1. Thank you, I never dreamed anyone would call me an apologist, I like the sound of that.
      I’ve read your blog and it’s very well written, I find it thought provoking and very interesting, keep it up.

      You’re right much of the argument from the other side is filled with “intellectual pride” as my pastor calls it, basically they think that they’re better educated and more intelligent than us.
      If Jesus can use the Peter (a simple fisherman) to change the world, maybe He can use me.

      Anyway thanks for reading and God bless you.

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      1. All Christians are called to be apologists in a way but few actually take that to the next level, it’s tough work.

        Intellectual pride has a lot to do with it for sure but “intellectual” doesn’t usually show in discussions with atheists online. The internet is like the shallow end of the intellectual pool, so to speak.

        Of course God can and will use you. Best advice I can give you is; think carefully before you reply to a comment, never lose your cool, never be affraid to ignore a comment, and never ever take anything you will read personally. I’ve received death threats and am constantly insulted by those who hate the message of the cross. It is, after all, foolishness to those who are perishing.

        Thanks for the compliments on my blog, I like yours as well.

        Keep it up, stay strong, God bless.



  4. I do find it curious that Christians continue to quote famous Christians to argue there is a God assuming that God has to be the Christian God. Seems their heads are in the sand. . .or somewhere.


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