I trust people, perhaps often when I shouldn’t.
I’m not sure if this is a good thing though, especially when there are many times when I don’t even fully trust Jesus, and He is the only one who is completely trustworthy.
Why do I trust people so easily? Is it because I just want to see them as trustworthy? Or is it because I consider myself trustworthy? When many times I’m not.

Trust is a hard thing to come by, especially these days, but what about during Jesus’ ministry on earth, Jesus is 100% trustworthy, he didn’t do anything to say otherwise and yet people had a hard time trusting Him.
Take John the Baptizer for example, we know they were related somehow, and when Jesus came down to the river to be baptized John was the one to do it, doing this great thing for Jesus, when Jesus should have been the one to do the baptizing.
That’s our Jesus isn’t it? He’s always the one to humble himself and show us how it’s done instead of telling us how it’s done. What a great moment in Johns life though, I’m sure it was the highlight of his life.

Even after that, John still had a little trouble putting all his trust in Jesus didn’t he.
While John was locked away in prison he felt like maybe Jesus wasn’t the one he thought he was, if he was wouldn’t Jesus come down here and rescue me out of this hot, dirty old jail, probably more of a hole in the ground. Where is He? Come on Jesus, help me, I mean after all I am John the Baptizer.
Jesus didn’t go and rescue him, even after John sent messengers to go ask Him why.

I can’t help but relate to John in this way, there have been times in my life when I thought “where are you?” He just never helped me out of the hole I was in.
I didn’t trust Him to lead me through.
I know hindsight is 20/20 and I know now how He helped me, but in the moment I have doubts and I have trouble trusting Him. He has never failed me though, even when I originally felt like He had.

Jesus called John “the greatest” and He still allowed John to be murdered by a Roman soldier.
Why? We all must die a physical death, there’s no way around that, perhaps John dying in this way meant we would still be talking about it two thousand years later, perhaps this is the example that we as followers with doubts are to follow.

We have doubts, even John had doubts, but John is now with Jesus, and of that I have no doubt.

There are times when our doubts will overcome us, especially today in this world, it’s the thing that culture wants to feed us the most, doubt.
If they can get us to doubt, they can get us to doubt more and more and eventually people start leaving Jesus for a life where they aren’t going to be tested.

Doubts are natural, but don’t let them cloud your vision, people may tell you that God doesn’t want you to question Him and that you should leave Him, but that’s not true the Bible tells us to test everything, you can have doubts, but that’s when you turn to Jesus, not away, turn to scriptures, not away.
In the world I have no doubt of who is in charge, in Jesus I have complete trust and He eases my doubts with His unwavering love of me.

Just some pre church Sunday morning thoughts, thanks for reading.

Note; I say John the Baptizer, because that’s how it would be translated, John wasn’t a Baptist or a Methodist or a Presbyterian….. He was John who baptized people.
We didn’t have denominations yet, anyway, I thought that may have needed an explanation.

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