Start Over

It seems that lately I have been a little side tracked with my opinions.
I started blogging to voice my Christian view on the world today in a kind and gentle way, reading some of my earlier posts it’s quite apparent that my words are not always kind.

While I don’t think that my opinions are unbiblical, the way I write sometimes definitely seems unkind and even judgemental at times, and that is unbiblical.

The topics on my mind the most are also obvious, homosexuallity, Islam, and atheism are the groups of people that I pick on the most.

I apologize to anyone that felt hurt by my words.

Having said that, how should one approach these topics biblically and in a way that those on the other side don’t feel upset by us?
I’m not sure there is a way to do that.

Just looking at myself, I know that I don’t want to be told I’m wrong, ever.
Even if I am, I don’t want to hear it, even after though when I know I’m wrong I won’t admit it, not even to myself, just ask my wife.

I don’t think I’m alone though, no one wants to think they were wrong, it’s one of those things that people, not just Christians just have such a hard time facing.

Watching the Bible miniseries A.D last week we got to the episode where Saul accepts Jesus as his saviour.
Peter has a very hard time with this because, as you know Saul is the lead persecuter of the church.
Saul admits that he was wrong, he was so sure of what he was doing, he even believed that what he was doing was God’s will.
Eventually Peter comes around and forgives him and the rest is, well you know where to find it.

Peter is such a perfect example of what I, as a Christian do so often, I look down on people as if I’m standing right beside God, I judge and even condemn, sometimes when I’m the highway and someone makes a very bad move, I pray for the presence of a cop so he can get what he deserves. Forgetting that I am also speeding, just not as much, but in terms of right and wrong, I am just as wrong.

Peter eventually realized he was wrong to withhold forgiveness and him and Paul became great freinds and Apostles together.
Again, this is where Peter should be an example to us, realize when I’m wrong and move forward.

Anyway I know I posted yesterday and I don’t usually do back to back posts but this was weighing heavily on my mind and heart, and I needed to write it down. Hopefully my mistakes are ones that people can learn from.

God Bless You
Have a great weekend.

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