Forget being true to yourself, be true to God.

Current philosophy of our culture says that you should be true to yourself, be with the person that makes you happy, be who you were born to be.

I say that all of that, yes I said all of it, is pure rubbish. (I would use another word, but I like the word rubbish)
If people were true to themselves, we would see a lot more bad things happen, if people embraced who they really were the world would be at constant war, oh wait that’s exactly what’s happening.

In this be true to yourself way of thinking each person is revealing who they really are, coming out of the closet means you are being true, admitting that you are really a man trapped in a woman’s body means you are being true, having six wives because you just have so much love to give is being true, oh wait we haven’t approved that last one, yet. Give it time, it will come.

But we don’t want everyone to be true do we? People who kill are just being true, people who rape are just being true, people who abandon their families to run off with some woman are just being true. ISIS is just being true to who they are, like I said though we don’t want everyone to be true to who they are, just the ones that have different sexual identities should be true to themselves.

We are told that one is born a certain way and that they can’t help it, there is no proof of this, scientists have not found the gay gene, science has not proven that any one person simply cannot help that they are gay.
For argument sake though let’s assume that this is part of your DNA, that you cannot help that you are gay, does this mean that those feelings should be embraced?
Science has shown us that pedophiles may also be born that way, now before you get all worked up, I am not comparing pedophilea to homosexuallity, I am illustrating that just because someone is born this way does not mean they should live this way, not one person on the planet, not even the pedophile himself would agree that they should be able to live this way because they were born this way.
Their was a time when homosexuallity was looked at the same way as pedophilea, today we have “progressed” to a point where society accepts homosexuallity, would it be fair to say that we just need a little more “progress” before we accept the pedophile?

For the record, I do not in any way say that pedophilea is ok, I also do not say that homosexuallity is ok, they are not the same thing, homosexuallity is between two adults that both agree to be there, though still sinful.
Pedophilea involves hurting a child, it is also sinful.

Before you write me off as some looney, there are doctors and scientists that agree with this.

According to doctors pedophiles are born this way, the same way homosexuals are born this way, I don’t agree with them, but we have more proof that pedophiles are born this way than proof for homosexuallity.
So why do we have to accept homosexuallity on the basis that it’s something you’re born with? But not pedophilea? I say we accept neither.

I say all of that to say this.
In the province of Ontario, sexual identity conversion therapy is now illegal. Kathleen Wynne says their is no room for this type of therapy in Ontario calling it abusive and unethical to try and change the way someone thinks about someone of the same sex.
Will she include the therapy that pedophiles receive as abusive and unethical? No. Everyone agrees that they should go to therapy to address the way they think, myself included.
However if this is something they were born with, you can’t change them, the same way you can’t change a homosexual if they were born this way.
The point is homosexuals and pedophiles are not born this way
Pedophiles are allowed the therapy that helps then cope with their thoughts and desires but homosexuals are not.
The problem is, what if a teenager who has an attraction to someone of the same sex but they don’t want to, they want help and therapy so they can lead the life they want, or far be it for me to say, lead a life pleasing to God?
The liberal government in Ontario says “no” they cannot get this therapy.

Now let’s compare this to the whole Bruce Jenner debacle.
Bruce and many other people that identify as transgender say that they are not comfortable in their skin because they should have been the opposite sex.
Some people that have a same-sex attraction say a similar thing, they feel their impulses are wrong and dirty and don’t want to feel this way.
Society coddles people like Bruce, and encourage them to be what they want to be.
On the other side, society encourages those with a same sex attraction to embrace that and don’t change a bit, even though some want change.
I don’t know how to say it in any other way, the Kathleen Wynne agenda is about enforcing the LGBT way of life, those that get in her way will be squashed.
Teach about it in school, when those students start doing what was taught and realize they don’t want this and ask for help, the help they will get will be to encourage this behaviour not to change it. This will all be reinforced with the glorification of Pride parades and Pride weeks across the country all of which says this is the way of life for you.
Thanks Toronto for electing someone who forces her values on everyone else but screams discrimination when confronted with a different value system than her own.

Alright I’m done.
Like and share if you agree with me, comment below if you don’t.

Thanks for reading.

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