Happy Birthday.

My wife is the best, I know every guy is gonna say that, but they’re all liars.
I’m just kidding, my girl really is the best, for me.

The other wives out there need not feel inferior, this is not about any one person being better than the other, this is about me expressing my feelings for my wife.

She is strong, confident, beautiful, inside and out, she’s funny, and she loves me, that alone should earn her a medal of Valor.

She is a Godly woman, she loves our Lord Jesus, and she shows it.

She wanted me to write about marriage, and I will but the this post is going to be a mixture of two topics, marriage and her.

Today is her Birthday, I won’t tell you how young she is, but that she is a little older than me.

When we were still dating, we lived a few hours away from each other so on the weekend I would make the trek to go and see her, we were still in that mushy can’t wait to see ya stage, I’d get butterflies in my gut everytime I’d make that drive.
We would spend every waking moment together and do absolutely nothing but lay in her room, listen to music (Lonestar was our favorite) we talked about everything, but mostly each other, we would just get so wrapped up in each other that we’d forget about the rest of the world.
We fell in love during our weekend escapes from the world, when we’d hang out in her pink bedroom, and we loved every minute of what we would now call boredom.

We married young, younger than most people anyway, I was 19 she was 20, we were baptized, married and first time homeowners all in one year.

It seems so long ago, and at the same time it feels like yesterday, we’ve come so far as people and as husband and wife, we’ve learned a lot about each other and yes we’re still in love.

We worked inside of a greenhouse farm, together.
We did this for a number of years, and some would say that working with your spouse is a bad idea, I say I count that time together as priceless, yes we gave each other a hard time sometimes, yes we had to fight it out sometimes, again it was all worth it.
We have since graduated from farm work and we now have a very different looking life, I work in sales, she raises our two boys at home.
We’ve been married for almost thirteen years now and I’ve never been more in love, I’m not good at showing it, she is.
I’m not good at expressing myself, she is. Sometimes I get lazy and let her do all the expressing but she reminds me that I’m being a brute and I tell her I love her, but in all seriousness she is the reason for most of the good things in my life (except for Jesus of course).

You will not meet anyone who has the strength that this woman has, she has determination like none I’ve ever seen.
She knows the difference between right and wrong and stands her ground. These traits only make me love her more.
She is my standard of beauty, she is beautiful, and has only gotten better looking over time. I’m looking forward to sharing many more birthdays together. Happy birthday babe, I love you.

So this brings me to the topic of
marriage, regardless of what our countries have turned marriage into, a contract between two people that can be voided at any time, no, this is a covenant between a man a woman and God.
God ordained this covenant and it is a lifelong agreement, not to be taken lightly.

Our society has believed a myth about marriage for a long time, this myth is that each of us has a better half out there, someone that we are destined to be with, that we are not complete until we find that person.
Wrong, we are complete when we embrace Jesus as Lord.
A great marriage is two complete people, that agree to walk together with Jesus leading the way.

A good marriage is simply two people that are good at forgiving each other, there is no such thing as a perfect match no other person can make you perfect, only God can do that.
Your spouse should be able to make you a better person, a better spouse and a better parent.
God sent Jesus to redeem you and this is what makes you flawless.
The flaws that a person has is what makes them human, and as their spouse you learn from them, as they do from you.

I guess the long and short of it is a marriage is for life, don’t enter the covenant if that seems too long.
You are going to have hard times, you are going to do stupid things, you are going to do extremely stupid things and so is your spouse.
When these things happen, forgive each other, no matter what.
This is how you get to your 50th anniversary.

Thanks again for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday.

  1. Thanks for sharing John. You definitely have the plan for marriage laid out in front of you clearly and as Jesus planned. I wish more people were like that but unfortunately our society it too me based and not enough He based giving so much room for evil to win. I hope God continues to bless
    you and your family. Thank you for
    sharing selflessly. It gives me the ability to be singer in my faith


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