The Broken Life and Soul of a Prostitute. An Underage Prostitute.

My wife said to me the other day “you talk about a lot of different topics, but you should consider writing about sexual Immorality.”
I replied with the question “why?”
“Well because what the Bible calls immoral is more than just homosexuallity, it covers everything from lust to pornography to adultery and homosexuallity” she says.
“I know it’s a hard subject because when you think about it most, if not all people are gonna find themselves guilty in one or another of being sexually immoral” she explains.
I thought “including me.”

So I’m not going to cover everything under the umbrella of Immorality, today I’ll stick to just one piece of the very large sexual Immorality pie.


I know, nobody wants to talk about this. I’ve been thinking of how to approach it and I’m not sure how so I’m just gonna jump right in.

Did you know that the average age of a girl when she gets into the life of prostitution is between 12 and 14?
Let that sink in for a moment before you continue reading, 12 years old is about grade six, she has only just started to become a woman, 12 year old girls are still learning how to relate to the opposite sex, I don’t need to tell you this if you’ve ever parented a teenage girl, they have only just begun to manage the hormones.
This is the age when they are most vulnerable, this is the age when fathers need to step it up and let them know they are loved.
But for many girls, not just the teens this is when fathers run and hide, not wanting to deal with all the emotions of a growing girl.
Unfortunately, this is the age that is most lucrative for the vultures we call pimps.
They are waiting for parents to screw up, to push their little girls away so they can be scooped up by prince charming promising them happiness, instead they get sucked into a life of man pleasing and their innocence is left shattered on a dirty hotel bed.

So who goes out looking for a pubescent teenage girl on the street?

The answer might surprise you, most of the transactions that happen in cheap hotel rooms include underage girls.
That means most of the men committing adultery with a prostitute are doing it with a minor.
Some of these men have daughters at home at that exact age.

Why are men so attracted to the idea of an underage girl?
Again the answer might surprise you, it’s because every TV show, every magazine, every movie, and especially every porno movie out there has glorified the sexual presence of teenage girls. Not to mention music, have you seen what happens to cute young girls that get into the music industry, have you seen what Miley Cyrus has been up to?
Anyway, the media targets men with most of the ads, and Hollywood targets men when they put Megan Fox depicted as a high school girl in an action movie they know men are gonna watch.
Leaving men with a lot of temptation they want to satisfy, I’m not saying it’s entirely the fault of the media, but they could help instead of entice.

The reason girls start at that age is because the people recruiting these girls see a demand for girls that age.
Don’t get me wrong, most girls don’t go out looking for a job selling their bodies, they are lured into it and then forced to stay.
But the fact that men go looking for an underage girl to sleep with signals to me a huge problem in our country.

When did the one you’re married to stop being enough?
What makes you think paying someone to do things for you is going to leave you feeling fulfilled?
How did you arrive at the conclusion that paying a minor for sex would be a good idea?

So, like I said, In part, I blame the media, of course the men that want this are to blame but if we weren’t bombarded by this sex sells mantra, we would probably have no need to talk about this.
Think about it, all the girls depicted in the media have these perfect bodies, photoshopped til perfection, no flaws, the perfect amount of curves and no body fat, they’re always young and always smiling. Doesn’t matter where you go, the ads are everywhere.
When looking at ads of girls looking so happy doing things they shouldn’t even be thinking of, you’re tricked into thinking that these girls like doing what they’re doing, therefore it’s ok to use her like that.
The media extends this lie of beauty and they know that men are weak, so they constantly lure, persistently entice, and relentlessly tempt you with the images of young beautiful women, girls really, and if you can somehow resist your urges be prepared to be labeled as gay or a liar.

Apparently real men spend their time ogling women in the mall or choosing Internet pornography over their significant other. Or so our culture would have us believe.
So men are left with a choice, either join the other guys on the sidewalk and whistle and cat call your way through the day. Or be left out and be uncool and see your wife for the beauty she is, make your wife the object of your affection, make her your standard of beauty.

Thanks to the entertainment industry beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it’s in the eye of Victorias Secret, or Hugh Hefner.
Men lust after young women and thanks to porn they can get their fill, when lust is not enough the supply on the street is more than enough to meet the demand.

Prostitution is immoral, just as immoral are the men paying for it.
The difference is men are choosing it, the girls, most often have it chosen for them.
If they disobey, they face a beating, rape or even murder before they’re dumped in an alley where the world will quickly forget about them. Nobody will mourn her death and another will take her place, another broken young girl who ran away from home thinking she’ll find a better life out there, away from a father who is too busy watching porn to notice his daughter is dying inside, away from a mother who doesn’t notice her, and away from the teacher who is supposed to protect her but instead violates her, because he can, he sees that no one cares about her so he uses her and in the process he breaks her.
She will go looking for love far away from all that hurt and instead find only more men who see her body and not her, she too will be used and abused and soon, she won’t know the difference between good and bad, she will only know that to stay alive she must keep going, keep climbing into those BMW’s and onto those men, the minute she refuses, and at some point she will, she will be tossed into the same alley beaten, raped and murdered only to be replaced with another.

We, as a society have forgotten about prostitution, we view it as dirty and we choose not to think about it, talk about it or do anything about it.
We tell ourselves that everyone involved has chosen to be there, but that’s not true, girls do not choose this life, we shouldn’t tell ourselves that whatever happens to these people doesn’t matter because, we rationalize it by saying they make their own decisions.
It’s not true, they were coerced into it and then threatened if they try to leave.
She is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister and maybe even someone’s mom.

What if no one went looking for a hooker?
There would be no need for pimps to recruit more girls, there wouldn’t be any money for the pimps to take from the girls, and eventually everyone would have to move on to something else.
We could, as Christians set up help centers for young girls escaping the world of sex.
We could show the kind of love we talk about and put it into action, we could restore broken relationships, bring girls home, help them get a new life started.
If only men, including Christian men would be the men that Jesus called them to be, stop the circle of lust, pornography, adultery and prostitution.
Treat girls like they are meant to be treated, like they were your very own daughters, help them grow up to be Godly young women.

We could prevent this from happening in the first place, again by being present fathers, by running to our teenage daughters instead of away from them, face those emotionally stressful, hormone induced years of puberty head on and never stop showing our kids we love them.

I know this has been my longest post yet, but I had to get that out there.
Yes, I point my finger of blame at the media, it’s also pointed at men, at the fathers and of course anyone who calls himself a man.
We can stop this circle of abuse and we start at home.

I hope you’ll join me in praying for these girls, and for men who seek to exploit them, may they all find Jesus.

Thanks for reading.

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