Out Of The “Closet” A Reintroduction To Me.

So I’ve been outed, not the kind of “out” you’re thinking of though, I’ve been pushed out of the preverbial Christian closet, not that I was hiding from anyone but that not everyone I knew, knew I was a christian blogger, but now they do.

So a reintroduction is in order, my name is John, I’m 32 years old, married with two sons, one four the other two.
I am a Christian, I go to church every Sunday that I can and yes I love it.
I volunteer at my church by mowing the lawn (it’s a big lawn) and teaching Sunday school to 8-9 year old boys.
I am a conservative, I am pro life, and what people today are calling a complimentarian, if you don’t know what that means let me give you the rundown, a complimentarian is someone who believes that men and women were created with different yet distinct roles to play, one is not superior to the other, they are equals in terms of value and human worth, the root word here is complimentary, meaning that our physical bodies compliment each other, as in we were designed to fit each other.

My views on marriage and lifestyle are not exactly what you would call popular views in today’s society, but they are my views and the country I live in still allows me this freedom.
I don’t believe in condemning anyone for what they’ve done, no matter what it is, this is where God’s grace is so amazing.
Anyone, and I do mean anyone can be forgiven for the sins they’ve committed. I know that people wrestle with this concept, a murderer can be forgiven? Yes, and he can go to heaven? Yes. What about a rapist? Yes.
Anyone. That truly is the beauty of God’s grace, I know as human we have a difficult time with forgiveness and I’m not taking away from that, but God forgives those that ask, and I think we should too.

So why do I blog? A few reasons.
First, Jesus sent us to spread the gospel, tell the world how salvation was earned for me and for you.
Why don’t I just go out and talk to people face to face about this?
Because they don’t want to hear it, talking about your religion these days is thought the same as forcing your religion on people.
So, instead I write and put it out on the Web and if someone wants to read then great, if they choose to ignore or hit delete then that’s OK too.
Second, it’s therapeutic. Writing allows me to take all the thoughts bouncing around in my head and put it on paper (by paper I mean screen, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it) in real life I am introvert, saying what’s on my mind doesn’t come easily to me, for those of you that have been given this gift I am honestly a little jealous.
Writing for me is a lot easier than speaking, especially when it comes to the opinions and beliefs that I hold.
Blogging allows me to get that out there, and why shouldn’t I be allowed to speak my mind? Everyone else does, on everything from what they ate to who they spent last night with.
I’ve got a question for you, why does our society consider my Christian faith a personal belief that should be kept hidden from the world, but at the same time they hold parades for things that actually should be kept secret?
Why is it acceptable to talk about your sexual adventures, your sexual identity, and not acceptable for me to talk about my faith?
Yeah, yeah I know I’m off topic again.
The third reason I blog is, (this may sound arrogant) I think I’ve been given a gift, a gift of gab if you will.
I’ve been told that I’m good at writing and this is me exploring that gift, if it proves true then who knows where it might lead, maybe the future or should I say, God has more plans to use this gift for good, for now it’s a way for me unload my mind and hopefully make people rethink their stance on life.

I hope that me being a blogger doesn’t make you look at me differently, I hope that me being a Christian does make you look at me differently, because I haven’t always acted like it, from this point forward everyone knows who I am, what I stand for and Who I live for, so as a broken person in a broken world I will write, even if no one reads, I will write for the truth, God’s truth, not mine, not yours, God’s.

For now though, thanks for reading.

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