The Irony of Atheism


One of the most common arguments that atheists use to persuade you that God doesn’t exist is the presence of suffering.
The argument goes like this, if God is all loving, why does He allow or even orchestrate death and destruction like the Nepal earthquake, or Hurricane Katrina, disasters that killed thousands of people?
Humans have orchestrated death and destruction for thousands of years.
We are the ones that find really creative ways of killing each other, blowing each other up and now using biological weapons.
Obviously we believe in the existence of humans despite the suffering.
Yet they can’t believe in God due to the presence of suffering, huh?
For the most part atheists are for abortion, abortion that causes suffering and death to the child, suffering and sometimes death to the mother of that child.
If death by the thousands is an argument against God, then we need to take a look at the 56 million babies that have died due to the legalization of abortion in the U.S alone as an argument against humanism.
I don’t think you can speak out against God for allowing suffering when you are the ones that are pro-suffering.

The second part of this argument says that if God exists He must be evil because He allows this suffering to happen.
What I’d like to know is why do atheists expect God to stop the suffering when it’s pretty clear that we deserve it?
Why should God stop the suffering when He left us in charge of this planet to have dominion over it, and we broke it, we have been laying a path of destruction everywhere we go, we are the ones to blame for climate change.
He gave us the free will to do what we thought was right, He told us the difference but we so often choose to forego God because we think we know better, so why should God come and save us from ourselves when we say He doesn’t even exist?
God never told us He wouldn’t allow suffering, He made a way to salvation by making His Son the instrument of suffering, Jesus died so that we could look forward to an eternity without suffering, in a perfect world. All that we have to do is accept it, not deny it in the name of present suffering.

Another ironic trait of atheists is that they try to persuade you away from your faith, why?
Christians try to persuade atheists away from their beliefs also but we do it because we want to save them, but what does an atheist gain by convincing others that God is non existent? Nothing other than stroking their own pride.
Seriously though, I read the comment thread on one atheists blog, where one atheist said to another, “I tried to show him the truth, but he couldn’t see it” the other replied with, “all you can do is try and hope that they will see the light.”
I was in shock, the atheists that claim there is no hope and there is no light, want us to see what’s not there? What?
Why even bother with us Christians if we are so ignorant, blind, intolerant and stupid? Why try to show us the way when your way leads nowhere?

What about this one, the atheists say that the Bible is the reason they don’t believe, after reading it, it only confirmed the belief that God doesn’t exist.
If I have the intention of finding a biblical justification of murder, and I open the Bible with that in mind, I will find a reason as to why I can murder someone in God’s name, not because that’s what the Bible says, but because that’s what I want it to say.
The same goes for atheists who read the Bible, (I commend any atheist who actually reads it) if they open it with the heart of an unbeliever, they will find what they are looking for.

This brings us to the third argument atheists use, they say the Bible was translated over and over again, using copies of copies that we can no longer rely on the authenticity of the Bible because it’s not the same book as it was two thousand years ago, to top it off it was written hundreds of years after the resurrection.
First off this is false, the Bible was written no later than 70 A.D.
How do we know? Because in 70 A.D the temple was destroyed, how do we know that? Because non christian historians document it.
This event is not in the Bible, and if the Bible was written after that, it would have been mentioned in the Bible, as the temple was obviously an important part of Jewish history.
The theory that the Bible was handed down from generation to generation by means of something similar to the telephone game is also false.
Matthew, Mark and John record eye witness testimony of what they saw, not hundreds of years later but shortly after it happened.
Yes these documents were translated into other languages, but always using manuscripts of the originals.
Every time the Bible is translated into another language it won’t translate exactly because the nuances of each language are unique.
For example, I speak German and if I say to you “I’m going to town” a direct word for word translation would read like this, “I am town driving”
Translating does not mean it’s not accurate it just sounds different.

So this is why I think the irony of Atheism is a very good reason to reject it altogether.
Atheists keep saying that God is no longer needed in light of all the suffering, I say that’s exactly why we need God.
God has allowed is to explore our free will and this broken world is a result of that freedom, if we didn’t have the freedom than I’m sure that atheists would be attacking Him for that.

Those are my two cents
Thanks for reading.

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