Happy Mothers Day!

Thanks to all the moms of the world.
What you do every day is no small task and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you.

Mothers do so much more than wipe noses and change diapers, you plants seeds of love, hope, and faith and it may seem sometimes like the harvest will never come.
It will, I know first hand, my mother is probably the most patient person I know, she raised five of us and we weren’t an easy bunch, especially me I think I fought with my siblings more than anyone in history, mom was always patient, she doled out the discipline when needed but never stopped loving us, she did all the things that mom’s are just expected to do and more, she never complained about it or about us, in fact as far as I can remember she was too busy smiling at our mischievous ways and letting us learn how to deal with each other. Rather than stepping in and rationalizing with a bunch of irrational kids she let us learn life lessons the old fashioned ways, the way that we needed to learn, the hard way, if I hit my older brother, I’m gonna get hit back, when I mess with my sister I will suffer the consequences.

Remembering back, I had a very good childhood, and even better mom.
Mom and dad didn’t have money, they worked on farms and factories and did what they needed to do, to care for the five of us, sometimes that meant that we had to go work on the farm too.
I complained about it, but now I’m grateful for it, farm work teaches responsibility even more than we realize.

When I was a boy mom taught me that vegetables grow it the dirt, this was a shock to me but she showed how.
She bought a watermelon early in the year and then helped me plant the seeds and then early in the fall we harvested a couple of watermelons and they were delicious.

So thanks mom for a wonderful childhood, for being a great mother.
Thank God for giving me you.

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